PlayStation Releases for February 2014

PlayStationing writes: "After the fairly drip-fed releases over the December and January period, it looks like we will be seeing a significant amount of new games in February. There’s lots of games to look forward to on all three PlayStation platforms, plus you get a brand new game for PlayStation Plus on PS4."

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Mr Pumblechook1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

I'm looking forward to Thief.
It will be first non-launch next-gen game.

Meltic1507d ago

well me2 but 4-5 hour Campaign isnt Worth 60 bucks...i Heard it was 1 hour per Campaign and there is 4 Campaigns.

stavrami-mk21507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

we told you the other week it's not

@meltic so i can't find anything on the net how long it is but you have close connections to the developer and he said the game lasts 4 hours start to finish .... ok then ,i will spread the word

TomShoe1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Can't wait for Outlast, but I'll let my wallet rest in preparation for March.

Meltic1507d ago

Well play the game for ur self later and u will see the STORY and Campaign is about 4-5 hours long if u RUSH though the game. NOT side missions. SIDE missions will be mini puzzle games. SAVE people from guards. STEAL more Diamonds and stuff. Ive talked to the developer nicolas Cantin. Buy it for ur self and then come back here and write to me...

ramiuk11507d ago

i really hope thats not true?

gaffyh1507d ago

Is that true? 4-5 hours? Please don't be true.

isa_scout1507d ago

Dude I actually told you last week about the campaign length...or did u not read my comment??? You quoted Swedish ign and apparently didn't read the entire article. The journo said he played for four hours...It took him an hour per chapter. He even said he couldn't wait to experience more of the game as it seemed like the story was starting to pick up where he left off.
I don't know why you're misinforming everyone when clearly your info is in fact FALSE...

sourav931507d ago

That can't be true. Isn't there a trophy in the game which requires you to finish in the game in at least 15 hours or more?

Utalkin2me1506d ago Show
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DeadMansHand1507d ago

Same here. Never played a previous thief game so I'm not stuck on the "the series lost its way" thing. For me, as with any new game, I just hope it's one that I enjoy playing. I'm pretty fond of stealth a la panther mode in Blacklist. I love creeping and hiding but I cannot stand NOT KILLING people. So I have high hopes for this game.

Meltic1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

You will love the game :). Ive played it for about 1 hour and even if they use dark Engine 3 the game looks next gen and feel next gen. There is small glitches here and there but they still have weeks to polish the game. PS if u wonder how i got too taste the game i know the developer in person :).

DeadMansHand1507d ago

@Meltic So, is it like a darker version of Dishonered? How is the parkor? Do you really need to NOT kill guards and stuff or just do it but with stealth?

ITPython1506d ago

Only one more month until the beastliest games of 2014 release!

1OddWorld1506d ago

Thief will be a day 1 purchase for me as well.

@Meltic - Lets say the campaigns are 1 hour long each but, the only way to master the level in full stealth nature {Completely Unseen and all loot stolen} takes three hours then it would be a 12 to 16 hour game. This isn't for the impatient this game takes skill and time. This is no run and gun.

djtek1841506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Does anyone know if Thief will be running at 1080/60fps?

Tzuno1506d ago

yes indeed now we can compare the game on diverse platforms.

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NeoTribe1507d ago

Cant wait to check out outlast. Love the small boost in horror games I have been noticing.

DeadMansHand1507d ago

So is outlast in the vein of Amnesia "shit your pants playing with headphones" Dark Descent or is it more like Dead "Boo! I just scared you by jumping at you" Space?

ramiuk11507d ago

well i shit myself watching a guy play it for the first time on net lol .
dont think i be be able to download it haha

1OddWorld1506d ago

I love it. I will be playing and I will be pooping. I love to be scared.

DeadMansHand1507d ago

@ram. Dangit. That means I can't play it. I WANT to love Amnesia types of games but I'm a fricking scardy cat. If someone is at my apartment with me then I'm ok but sitting here late at night playing alone makes it the epitome of "Nope".

dark-kyon1507d ago

eleven days for lighting return waifu dresschange,is gonna be a good time when the review scores slam this game,i predict several five ,one four and maybe some eight.

ZombieKiller1507d ago

Yeah I want to play Outlast. That is sooo cool we are getting the PS+ version this month.

I can't wait to play it. Gonna put on the Turtle Beach's late at night and turn it up real loud.

I can see it most frequently used phrase will be...

"I just pee'd a little"

Obscure_Observer1507d ago

I´m a Hitman and Stealth games fan. Thief has the potential to win me over, since you don´t have to kill a single person to finish the game.

Looking forward for this one.

1OddWorld1506d ago

The Original Thief and Hitman on pc back in the day were so amazing.

This game will reward its highest trophies to those that are unseen and steal 100% loot. So this is right up your ally and mine too. Anyone can run and gun, but it takes skill to go unseen.

Obscure_Observer1506d ago

Oh yeah . Back in the day me and my friends used to discuss methods and strategies, to achieve Silent Assassin in every single mission. So Awesome!

Cold Sweat, Increased heartbeat, Adrenaline and a bit of fear. All those fellings mix up togheter. No mistakes. Good times. Here hopping that Thief and the new Hitman deliver good stealh experience and bring back good memories.

Tranks for the useful info on Trophies.

I salute you as a Shadow Brother.


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