PS4 Games Outselling Xbox One 3:1 on

According to Rakuten’s the New Year period was an easy battle in the long-running console war. Sony came out the victor with three times as many PS4 game sales as Xbox One games. This figure came from’s sales on videogames from 1 December 2013 to 17 January 2014.

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ShugaCane1298d ago

And it's only the beginning.... Japan Launch incoming.

aceitman1298d ago

I cant wait just to see how well it sells there and put a bigger gap In sales world wide

MysticStrummer1298d ago

Japan will definitely be Sony territory but I was surprised to see the low number of PS3s that were sold there last gen. PS4 will probably do better though. Either way, the gap will certainly widen.

amiga-man1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

3:1 is a big gap, advantage Sony.

showtimefolks1298d ago


its only gonna get bigger


I think ps4 is gonna be Huge in Japan and could make the gap too wide to cover for MS.

PeaSFor1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

wait, ... what is that weird noise in the background? you hear it?

oh nvrmind, its only Truefan1 of Xbox agitating his little fist in the air and getting blue in the face with his blatant rage coming out of his ears.

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BG115791298d ago

At MS' headquarters at this point:
"Brace yourself for impact!"

Grave1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

It's going to be ... INCREDIBULL!!!

Rainstorm811298d ago

You can buy games when u have an extra 100$ in ur pocket.

100$ price difference will keep rearing its ugly head for MS

Kribwalker1298d ago

This sales data is from a web based store like amazon in the uk.
If you use vgchartz(which I think is usually pretty close to accurate in some respects) it's 10mil to 8mil. So many flambait articles it's stupid

Kribwalker1297d ago

Funny how they changed the headline to add Before it just said ps4 games outselling xbox one games 3-1

Bigpappy1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

You guys are crazy. This you guys are so full of crap. These numbers are reported from the online store PLAY.COM website.

So the source of the news is wrong, and the headline is not even a RUMOR but a LIE. PS4 is leading sales. I don't see the need to dig for false info like this.

Hicken1298d ago

How is it a lie? obviously has a ratio of 3 PS4 games sold for every 1 XB1 game. Therefore, PS4 games are outselling XB1 games 3:1, just as the headline says.

Well, at least you didn't do like your friend above(alt account, perhaps?) and start tossing out VGChartz and claiming they're accurate this time around.

porkChop1298d ago

How is it a lie? The games on PS4 are outselling Xbox One games 3 to 1 on What's so hard for you to understand about that? This has nothing to do with console sales or anything else.

GamersHeaven1298d ago

The truth shall set you free Bigpappy just #dealwithit

Bigpappy1297d ago

@ porkChop and Hicken: That on was added was not there when I reported this. It said "PS4 Games Outselling Xbox One 3:1" it has since been fixed.

Hicken1297d ago

... it was in the description, just as it is now.

Titles are't supposed to tell you EVERYTHING. Their very purpose is to draw you into reading whatever it's about. That's when you find out, "Ohh, this is from"

And seriously, that was RIGHT UNDER the title. Even if you were coming from somewhere else, as soon as you clicked on the link to THIS page(not the article page), the little preview underneath the title explains that this is per's findings.

So, still not a lie.

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Monolith1298d ago

Xbots don't buy games, they watch football! Ah it feels good to turn the tides!

Dehnus1297d ago Show
Monolith1297d ago

Go watch your football!

Dehnus1297d ago

No I haven't and I don't act like I've been in a war either. Sony and MS fanboys need to stop acting like it is a Normandy thing. But I see I've already been reported again for daring to say something, while the worst trolls are allowed to run rampant here.

I do not watch Football btw, I"m from Europe, I don't see the point in running around in armoured suits for some full contact sport.. but that's just us Europeans..

I do find it more and more offensive to act like it is a war and people taking it this serious.

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MasterCornholio1298d ago

I think its great that games are selling well on both.

Sayai jin1298d ago

True. I am not surprised the ration is 3 to 1, it only make since since the console rate is about the same.

I am surprised to see attach rates this early on this gen. The numbers, if people care about them like that, will be interesting when both consoles have good library of games.

smoothop1298d ago

This site gets worse as the days go by, its shocking at how much they really are trying to destroy the Xbox. A bunch of blind sheep falling for these lame marketing tactics and they're to dumb to realize whats going on. All this site's aim is to make dumb peoples decision for them.

rarity1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

If you have a problem with this website: just sayin

smoothop1298d ago

I'm just saying that the site should be more professional and engage the gamer's not companies. There is a lot of scamming going on and its not hard to see.

MasterCornholio1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

As for destroying Xbox, you can thank Microsoft's DRM policies and horrible unveiling for that. Because if the Xbox One never had those policies in the first place and the reveal was focused on gaming we would have a very different situation with the console.

MightyNoX1298d ago

You could always pitch your tent at Reddit/xboxone . Larry Hryb posts there. Although after the TR debacle, he's been absent as of late...

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KimoNoir1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )


Is it blind to pay $100 more for inferior hardware that produces inferior visual capabilities than the PS4?
Is it blind to forget that MS screwed you over initially only to make a 180 when they realized they were going to self destruct?

Is it blind to say "Im getting an xbox because I always go with Xbox." Or "xbox was always better."

I personally, I bought a Nintendo when ps1 was out, I bought an Xbox when the PS2 was out, and i bought 360 when the ps3 was out but did eventually get a PS3. I was a founding member of RB in Metal Gear Online on PS3 for a few months and then sold my PS3 because at the time, all i ever did play was halo, gears and COD. I did my research, i knew PS4 was far more stronger and superior than the xbox one through the use of my EYES and BRAIN. Unfortunately all you do is talk garbage bs.

I have an extensive knowledge and expertise in computer hardware and software. Ive built the high end Gaming PC for the most minimal price possible $700 w i5 3570k @5.0ghz water sustained/32gb Ddr3 ram/ GTX 590 (dual gpu) / 1tb hdd/ 200gb SSD

I've known the difference between 1080p and 1440p when all you knew was sub 720p for 360 and ps3 and for that matter, all you still know is 720p on the xbox one thanks to your "blind" attributes. I also knew the difference between 60fps and 120fps on a correct monitor of 120hz to produce higher than 60fps @ 2560x1440p & 1920x1080p (this shit that xbox one will never do and ps4 also) whereas all you experience is a 30fps @1080p experience on your xbox where as Ps4 boys are laughing at your "blind" mind. I promise you things will worsen as time goes by, not by insulting you but because you refuse to accept. You will see more 720p to compensate for a higher FPS or 1080p and 30fps and none other except maybe a custom resolution lower than 1080.

Chris121298d ago

Do you know the difference between having games to play and not? XB1 has great exclusives to play hence the system is selling, not all consumers are blind sheep sold on numbers.

You're typical of someone who focuses on numbers, gamers want to play games and any true gamer will own both platforms. The need to 'win' and justify purchases is so out of hand with some people.

mcstorm1298d ago

@Chris12 your spot on but there is very little point of saying things in this site as it is just full off people who want to bash Nintendo and Sony. This is not a gaming web site any more its a lets talk down anything about the Xbox one and wiiu at every chance we get.