Pachter: The Problem With Steam Machines Is Linux-Based SteamOS

GR: When Valve announced Steam Machines, many were concerned about the slew of different models that will be available to consumers. With so many different options and price schemes, it seems as though it may be bit muddled and perhaps problematic for Valve's new software platform.

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BluP1601d ago

I hate to agree with him, but I think he's right. For now, the vast majority of Steam games are on Windows. Of course, you could just install Windows to a Steambox, but then you might as well just get a PC.

I hope more games get ported to Linux though. The only reason I keep Windows around is for emulators (which Linux has too, just not as good) and Steam.

SnakeCQC1601d ago

Valve is a dev with lot of experience; im sure they have something in mind to retroactively fix all the compatibility issues.

ChickeyCantor1601d ago

Valve isn't doing this to be a pain in the ass. If they pull this off more games will be cross-OS. It will widen the market to non windows users. Which is a good thing for everyone(cross-play is usually not a problem between different operating systems ).

You can still stream your PC games to your steam-box. Sure It's not the same thing but it is a solution that works for now.

ABizzel11601d ago

Steam OS using Lunix isn't the problem. There's a decent pool of games on there already, and like a new console it takes time to grow.

The problem with Steam Machines is the fact that their nothing, but regular gaming PC's that any PC gamer can go out and buy build their own for less than the majority of the asking prices. Only two of the many Steam Machines are worth the asking price.

$500: Dual Core APU + R9 270X + 8GB DDR3 + 500GB HDD
$1500: i7-4770k + GTX 780 + 16GB DDR3 + 1TB SSD

The rest are overpriced, and poorly designed PCs that you can buy from anywhere for the same price. Alienware is the final hope, but holding your breath for a $500 price with better performance than the Cyberpower Steam Machine will likely end up with you passing out or worse.

That's the real issue Steam Machines face, beside the fact that there's 20 of them, and no curious console gamer is going to wade through tons of PC specs. to know if they're getting a good deal.

The majority of newer games are coming to Lunix Steam from now on, but Steam Machine was a HUGE missed opportunity for Valve and the Lunix community.

Valve should have worked with CyberPower to produce a AMD Steam Machine with Mantle as the back bone, a FX 6300 CPU, R9 270x GPU, 8GB 2133MHz RAM, 1TB HDD (Hybrid) for $500 and that would have been something to make gamers jump on board. It's a great mid-range PC at an amazing price, with an great looking case, that's upgradable, and would have been an amazing seller. A more powerful NVIDIA Steam Machine for $600 - $800 could have been made as well (i5-4670k + GTX 760 + 16GB 2133MHz DDR3 + 1TB HDD $800).

Somebody1601d ago

It's a bit too early call it dead upon arrival especially when it's not even out yet. People scratched their heads when Steam came out but look at it now.

Google's Android was deemed to be in troubled water it came out face to face with Apple's iOS. It was new, developed to be open across a million configurations of hardware and had almost zero apps. Sounds familiar? It's the same playbook Valve is using for SteamOS.

Mystogan1600d ago

Steam machines are just PCs.

check out Project Christine from Razer. And witness real innovation.

BluP1600d ago

I saw that. Looks interesting. Keeping an eye on it.

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JasonKCK1601d ago

The only problem with Steam Machine is it's not out yet.

cyguration1601d ago

Yep. If I get a new PC I will probably get a Steam Machine and hook it up to the TV.

AnEwGuY1601d ago

Why do you need a Steam Machine ? I've had my PC(s) hooked up to TV since 2005. BTW, I already own a Steam wonders on carpet stains. and tile floors. ;)

AnEwGuY1601d ago

LOL @ disagrees by people who still game sitting in a swivel chair, with their face 2 ft from their monitor.

ABizzel11601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

Why would you get a Steam Machine when you can build your own for less, and better.

Only 2 of the Steam Machines are decent deals.

Just download Steam OS, which is already out and you have a Steam Machine, like AnEwGuY was saying.

cyguration1601d ago


Well, I kind of wanted one of those console-style form-factor cases. I think they look cool.

Mystogan1600d ago

Check out project Christine for real innovation.

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pompombrum1601d ago

Pachter really needs to overcome this habit of stating the obvious.

Capt-FuzzyPants1601d ago

All of these articles come from the Gametrailers videos where people ask him questions. Its not like he just goes on the internet and says something obvious.

aliengmr1601d ago

So how are you to build an install base with out releasing the product to build that install base?

Valve is not looking for the quick turn around. Going up against Windows in the PC space is going to take years. Windows is the standard with no competition and has been that for many years.

Its only a problem if you believe the Steam Machines must rival console sale on release day. That isn't going to happen, nor is Valve trying to do that. They will let the community slowly push the concept until its the norm.

Somebody1601d ago

Just like Steam. It took years with little to no competitions but now it's the benchmark for others to beat.

AnEwGuY1601d ago

Everybody knows that, Pachter. But did you know auctioneers make bad grocery store clerks?

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