Been there, done that: Nintendo’s short-term plan is ‘follow the leader’

This week, President Satoru Iwata attempted to explain what will be done to stop the bleeding caused by the Wii U’s poor performance as he stood before weary investors in Tokyo.

The most promising planned changes to Nintendo’s gaming business relate to the way the company treats user accounts and the overall responsiveness of the Wii U console. Here’s the thing though: there’s no escaping the fact that these ostensible improvements amount to catch-up. For most of the past 10 years, Nintendo’s been behind the technology curve in terms of what its core audience wants. While Microsoft and Sony put effort into consolidating their network infrastructures and improving usability, Nintendo contented itself with pinning its future to an admittedly innovative control scheme. It turned out great for the Wii, but now the company is in the awkward position of hyping its fans on features that are simply expected in the modern-day gaming environment.

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NYC_Gamer1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

I don't believe Nintendo even have a clear plan when dealing with the Wii U..They thought the pad would be enough to generate huge sales for the console like motion controls did for the original Wii..Nintendo weren't prepared to enter the HD/online era of gaming now they are playing catch up.

Xof1630d ago

No, they had a clear plan, it was just stupid. They expected everyone who bought a Wii to also buy a WiiU.

KonsoruMasuta1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

With this, Nintendo is actually innovating a little. Nintendo said that they plan on keeping BC (Nintendo is the only one who plans to keep offering this) on their next gen system. He said that he wants to keep users connected and never have to rebuild an install base. This all points torwards your games following you onto your onto the next gen system.

What he said also suggested that they would never have to rebuild the e-shop every new generation. Everything would flow over. Iwata's ideas did show that they had a lot to catch up on, but it was hardly following the leader. The only part that resembles what Sony and Microsoft are doing is the part with games being integrated attached to your NNID.

Find a better article, Chrono. You're losing your touch.

porkChop1630d ago

BC is easier said than done.

Especially with Nintendo's history of customized hardware. They're either going to have to include old hardware from their previous consoles such as the Wii U (driving up cost & price), or they're going to have a hell of a time trying to figure out how to emulate their previous systems through software which will require a very large leap in raw power which Nintendo isn't known for.

Right now all Iwata is saying is just him blowing smoke, trying to make investors think he knows what he's doing so they don't force him out.

KonsoruMasuta1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Nintendo had no problem with BC this gen, unlike other companies. I'm sure there will be no problem next gen.

stragomccloud1630d ago

A leap in power is not necessary if the chips are based on similar architecture.

n4f1630d ago

so you know about investor/investing?

porkChop1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

That's because the Wii U uses an overclocked tri core version of the Wii processor. It's the same architecture, that's why it was so easy to implement BC. But in the future when Nintendo moves away from that architecture, which is already 11 years old, they're going to have a very hard time implementing BC.

stragomccloud1630d ago

x86 has been around since 1978. Believe it or not, the POWER architecture is actually waaaaaay better than x86. And is also more than 10 years newer. That's why NASA uses it. It's just more difficult to program for because it's not 2 off the shelf mobile device APUs duct taped together.

Dgander1630d ago

x86 is 10 minutes older than dirt architecture wise. Also you cant simply count the amount of cores or measure the clock speeds when comparing two different types of custom CPU, it makes no sense.

Chrischi19881630d ago

Yeah, so true, isnt that also very funny? People really want to harm the Wii U, by saying stuff like: "The Wii Us CPU is based of an Wii CPU, which is based of an Gamecube CPU bla bla bla" ^^

I mean, PCs are the prove, that this doesnt mean, it just has slightly more power, I mean, since when do PCs use x86 architecture and still improve year by year ( or should I say it doubles every 2 years) ?

porkChop1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

x86 itself is very old, yes. However, today's x86 CPUs are completely different from older x86 CPUs. They are not comparable at all.

The Wii U's CPU is a different story. It's a custom, upgraded version of the Wii's CPU, which itself was a custom, upgraded version of the Gamecube CPU. That makes BC a hell of a lot easier.

For example, if the PS4 had used a CPU based on the Cell as was originally planned, BC would have been extremely easy to achieve because no extensive emulation would have been needed due to the 2 CPUs understanding the same "language".

So as long as Nintendo sticks to that type of CPU they'll be fine for BC. But once they switch to a new architecture, which they will likely need to do next gen due to 3rd parties preference for x86, they will have a harder time implementing BC.


"I mean, PCs are the prove, that this doesnt mean, it just has slightly more power"

I'm not saying the Wii U only has slightly more power than the Wii. It's a lot more powerful than the Wii, that's a fact. What I'm saying is that because the Wii U CPU is a direct descendant of the Wii CPU it makes BC so much easier.

wonderfulmonkeyman1630d ago

Not if, as the rumors suggest, they use dual-processing via two CPU's.

Chrischi19881630d ago


Yes I agree with it being much easier to implement.

N4g_null1630d ago

Looking at how the wiiu core is setup they only need to upgrade the gpu. The logic of these games are not getting more complex just the graphics. So two tri core wiiu cores duck taped together with a 780 should do the trick. Hell apus should be cheap enough to put in cereal boxes.

Chrischi19881629d ago

Yes, Nintendo could bring some kind of extra power gadget to the Wii U, like they did with the N64 and the Expansionpack, that would do the trick.

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KevinCubes1630d ago

WiiU will have the definitive version of all your favorite games

BoNeSaW231630d ago

oh please explain that one to me!

deafdani1630d ago

That baffled me at first, too. I think he means the definitive version of your favorite Nintendo games. Definitive version of Smash, definitive version of Donkey Kong, definitive version of Mario Kart, and so on.

Tito081630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

He's just making fun of a Nintendo fanboy known as Drtre81, he's best known on youtube for saying that exact same thing, then he denied saying it when he's actually saying it on the videos, BlackBond always own his ass, lol.

stragomccloud1630d ago

I think you should amend that statement to: Wii U will have definitive version of all your favorite games that are coming to the Wii U.

Tito081630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

"The definitive version Resident Evil 6, the definitive version of whenever Battlefield 3 comes out, the defnitive version of Assassin's Creed. The Nintendo system will have the best version of your favorite game." Drtre81

Yep1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Catch up my ass. Show me how I can play TLoU on PS4 or Halo 4 on Xbox One without rebuying the game. Show me how I can get my games at a cheaper price just by following some simple conditions (no subscription required also). Show me Sony and Microsoft's plan to make a third health and quality of life-centric platform. Show me Sony and Microsoft's intent to buy more game studios (Rather than selling them off to lessen the debt weight).

That's right you can't. They aren't merely trying to meet what Sony and MS are doing, they are looking to surpass it.

Try again, Chrono.

Hicken1630d ago

Show me how much of that is short-term, and how much is long-term. Show me where Nintendo has the infrastructure to pull off allowing all games on all platforms. Show me where Nintendo has regained the interest of the majority of core gamers. Show me where they're taking comprehensive measures to ensure the Wii U does not wind up a commercial failure. Show me where they're improving their relationship with third party developers. Show me where they've improved their intent to make the general public aware of the Wii U and all it offers.

That's right, you can't. Nintendo hasn't, as of yet, come up with a way to kickstart the sales of the floundering Wii U. That's really the primary concern. Bringing out the same old IPs isn't gonna bring in anybody new. The healthy gaming craze is a fad, not something to invest big bucks in. Nintendo Directs are nice, but they really only serve to inform people who are already Nintendo gamers.

I don't even know if the article is correct. Don't even care. But you didn't exactly do much better when you mentioned NOTHING that is a short term plan to cure what ails them.

Yep1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

You're refuting points I never made (unsurprisingly). So I've got nothing to add. ;)

wonderfulmonkeyman1630d ago

That's because there ISN'T a short-term plan to cure what ails them.
Everything that they can do, is going to take at least a good half-year to show some actual results.

Their best option?


N4g_null1630d ago

Show me where you disproved any of his points? Sony is copying ms. And you love it! They just bribe you with games most won't even buy lol.

Yet Nintendo has roms galore that once you get that collection you'll never have to worry about lunch games. It's funny how games went down in replay value when they hit the ps1 and 2... Many franchises died on the ps3 also. Powerhouses only have one or two games to rely on now. Then you have the neo geo, genesis, nec stuff! They just don't make em like that no more. I think this has made gamers less connected with what a good game is or was.

avengers19781630d ago

Show me where that stuff really matters.
WII U is BC the XB1 and PS4 are not... Both will have outsold the Wii U by the end of this year.
A health centric system... Like your phone, like kinect, like the PS Camera, like any number of fit " fad technology". Fitness is only ever profitable for the first month of the year... Then diets, trends, and workouts change. I know lots of people that bought wii fit, but none that are still using it, or for that matter going to buy a Wii U to get wii fit u.

They need a better business plan, causing wanting to do things, and doing them are different.
They need a better online right now, they need better advertising right now, and they need people that are going to tell them that it's not the 80's anymore. I mean for the love of games, they're still talking about the big games that are on the way, that they were talking about when they launched the damn system.
BTW everyone that wants MK 8, DK TF, SSBros., probably all already have the WII U.

Yep1630d ago

People barely go to the gym, but I guess buying gym equipment is also a fad.

Every success is not a fad. Stop making excuses.

N4g_null1630d ago

You haven't been paying attention have you... A good chunk of people are waiting on their game to come out. I know I'm waiting on a new god of war for the ps4.. Unless they jack that up.

I'm wondering though how is the psn network better?! I can send messages, invite people to games posts pictures about games I'm playing buy games online hey we can even chat in game if the dev uses it. Also we got a system version of Skype. Or do you mean you just want more online games? What else do you need lol.

RPG_Lover1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Nintendo was the leasder in 2013, killing MS and Sony in terms of hardware and software sales.

Sure, you can write a stupid article like this pinpointing a feature they do better and then generalize a false statement, but Nintendo is in the best position its every been vs those 2.

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