The Upcoming Titanfall/inFAMOUS: Second Son Battle Is a Major Moment for Gaming

You can’t really oversell what a huge occurrence this is. Not only does it represent a massive departure in practices and mentality from a AAA game industry that is seemingly becoming more and more conservative on a business level every day, but it taps into one of the primal joys that comes with being a gamer. For fans of either system, it gives them not only a major game to enjoy and justify their new system with, but a high profile weapon to use against their opponents in a console war that’s already proving to be as bitter as any before it.

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gamer_1448d ago

Battle is already over for me, I'm getting both :)

Denton561448d ago

Excellent choice.

Titanfall being on the PC and 360 makes it feel a little less special, but its clear the main focus is on the Xbox One version

Abash1448d ago

MLB 2014: The Show is also releasing in March on the PS4, and that is sure to get even more people picking up PS4s

ZodTheRipper1448d ago

I'll consider the PC version of Titanfall but inFamous is a musthave for me.

gamer_1448d ago

i'm actually going for the pc version.

ABizzel11448d ago

Not everything needs to be a competition and this one is so stupid. How are you going to compare a multiplayer only FPS, to a single player only action-adventure game.

jmc88881448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

The hype is on the Xbox One version, which is understandable given where Microsoft puts the priority of support.

But the PC version will have better graphics and higher framerate (if you have the PC and/or display to handle it), so it will actually be the definitive version. You'll also have more control options. Mouse+keyboard. Check. Controller. Check. Perhaps even some sort of hybrid Mouse+Controller. We'll see.

As for morepowerofgreen, that's hilariously wrong.

The game is made by EA. Microsoft isn't getting squat per game sold on PC.

Oh and even if that was the case, it's absolutely asinine to believe gaming fans should care that one console company will somehow be hurt because they purchased a game on PC. They won't be hurt, but it's clear you seem to wish for it to be so.

You know what they say. Wish it one hand, crap in the other, and see which one fills up first.

This fake battle of Infamous SS versus Titanfall is a farce. They're two completely different games, being played on a bunch of different, non-intersecting platforms.

Are they even launching the same day? Infamous 3/21, Titanfall a bit earlier. Who cares. Multiple movies come out each week. 10 days later is actually quite a long time in gaming and movies.

So why should two games releasing, supposedly at similar times, during a game drought mind you on both new consoles, and one is a mature IP and one is a new one, be concerning for anyone? Forrest Gump would know there's enough money in the gaming landscape to purchase MORE then two games during a month, especially after a drought of games.

Also while there has been no beta of Infamous SS, the style of Infamous HAS been played by millions. Because they played the first two. Hell if you played Prototype, or many of the other superhero games over the years, you know what to expect. People love these games, and are awaiting the newest, and most up to date version of that genre.

I'm going to enjoy Titanfall and Infamous:SS and I need not buy an Xbox One to do so, and buying Titanfall, doesn't change one thing about the Xbox One. It doesn't make it faster, or change the ESRAM bottleneck, nor the Xbox One's price.

My money will be going to EA. If EA purchased something from Microsoft, then that's THEIR money that they have already sunk. Me buying Titanfall, doesn't give Microsoft another dime. Does it even touch Live? GFWL is basically gone, so Titanfall won't be using that...and if it still used Live in some other fashion, I don't have to pay for it, which would mean if anything, I'd be using their servers at Microsoft's cost and would in theory be helping drain their ecosystem...ever so slightly.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31448d ago

A game that hasn't yet proven itself to the masses vs an average game judging by the previous ones I've played does not a major gaming moment make.

DigitalRaptor1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

@ MorePowerOfGreen

One is a next-generation game in every conceivable sense.

The other isn't.

"There is a reason loyal playstation fans are buying XB1's for the game."

I'm sorry, but... what gives you that impression? If I was going to give Titanfall my support, it would be through the Origin ecosystem, not the Xbox one. Microsoft doesn't see a dime for PC game sales, regardless of the fact they are on Windows. Insert coin, try again.

gaffyh1447d ago

The thing is, both of them will do well because they are different types of games. With that said though, TitanFall is out for PC and 360 as well, and will likely sell a lot more than inFAMOUS simply because of that. I'm not going to buy an XBOne for it, but I might check it out on 360 if it reviews well.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1447d ago

Next gen console gaming starts on March 21st with InFamous Second Son. CANNOT WAIT!!!!

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Arkardo1448d ago

Infamous here! Titanfall on pc when it falls price on a Steam sale

maddskull1448d ago

Sorry to tell you that it is in origin not steam since it is published by ea

impet251448d ago

you can get titanfall for $45 on already.

showtimefolks1448d ago

infamous and mlb the show for sure on ps4

titanfall on pc, it can be played without buying a 2nd console

JsonHenry1448d ago

I will be getting both. Titanfall for PC and Infamous for PS4. (duh!)

ssj271448d ago

Good for you, I bet they will be two fun and great games to play.

It's funny how they thread TF as the game that will change gaming forever hahha it's funny and all this hype just because is not on the PS4.

xxShadow-Shockxx1448d ago

I have both systems but I am not interested in titanfall, infamous looks great.

Themba761447d ago

buying infamouse collectors renting titanfall 360

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Garethvk1448d ago

Two very different games. One is an exclusive, one is not.

MysticStrummer1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Exactly. Titanfall is on three platforms, so if it doesn't sell more than a true exclusive on one brand new console that will be pretty sad, and as you say they are very different games. The battle is between the platforms, not these two games.

Bigpappy1448d ago

What if the XB1 sales of Titanfall exceeds those of Infomous, even thought it was released on 3 platforms? Would that impress you?

Arkardo1448d ago


Really? Even if at the time it'll be more PS4s out in the wild with the japan release? Did you see the attach rate of Killzone SF even if it is not a masterpiece?

In fact THAT will impress me

MysticStrummer1448d ago

@Bigpappy - Not really, since TF is a spiritual successor to Call of Duty which has great mass appeal, and it's been the most anticipated XB1 game since it was announced. I simply said it's more of a battle between two platforms than it is between to dissimilar games. I don't care which sells more and won't be "impressed" either way.

Denton561448d ago

True, but its more about the idea of these major next gen titles that aren't appearing on the competitors console releasing so close to each other.

maddskull1448d ago

I wouldn't count titanfall a true next gen game since it is on the 360

smoothop1448d ago

Titanfall is an exclusive for Microsoft, stop trying to downplay it. It will sell more than Infamous on the Xbox One alone simple.

Garethvk1448d ago

PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 VS PS 4. It is only an exclusive due to Microsoft throwing tons of cash at EA not to make it for other systems in this case the PS 4 as that is the only system of note that it will not be on. That is not an exclusive that is paying to try to corner a market as they are afraid of free enterprise. If they or one of the companies they own make it then it is an exclusive. When I do not need either of their systems to have it, that is not an exclusive.

MiloGarret1448d ago

And you're assuming Deep Down, Warframe, Diablo 3 etc are only on PC/PS4 why exactly..? Exclusives or timed exclusives are bought today, accept it and grow up.

extermin8or1448d ago

Warframe is due to MS's network policies and diablo 3 is purely donwnload to blizard having ps4 dev kits way in advance of xb1 ones. Deep down might only be timed but sony helped develp the engine it suns on...

jmc88881448d ago

The devs didn't want it to be console exclusive (besides PC). They only found out after the people they signed the devil's contract with told them it was going to be exclusive.

The devs have already said how they want it on all platforms, and that Titanfall exclusivity was the price they needed to pay, because they needed EA to get it built, and EA decided on it.

Titanfall 2 on the other hand, whenever or if it comes out, probably won't be Xbox One exclusive.

Of course Titanfall will sell more on Xbox One then Infamous SS, because Infamous SS won't be sold on Xbox One.

Given Titanfall is on 360/One/PC it WILL combined outsell Infamous, but it will be interesting to see the One's titanfall sales vs PS4's Infamous:SS sales. Depending on if they have, or most likely how much of a lead in hardware sales the PS4 has over the XB1, then Infamous on 'next-gen' platform might actually win that battle.

If you ask me what single SKU will sell the most, that's simple. Titanfall on the 360 with 90 million hardware units sold will be the version that sells the most. Probably 3-4x what will be sold on next gen consoles.

MysticStrummer1448d ago

It will sell more on PC and 360. Simple.

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4ShotKing1448d ago

Buying my PS4 when Infamous releases and will be buying Titanfall on my Xbox One, looking forward to both titles.

wannabe gamer1448d ago

ive never once considered these 2 games to be in competition with eachother.

Galletto31448d ago

Because they arent... they are apples and oranges.

But somehow people are still going to use the success (or failings) of each to show how their console is superior.

Milruka1448d ago

What battle? I'll get TF on PC probably, I'm most likely going to skip this entire console generation.

SixtyNine1448d ago

How are you able to do that?

Milruka1448d ago

By having a Desktop with 2 770 4GB's in it.

MiloGarret1448d ago

By owning a PC, a platform which is immune to "generations" as it's always next gen.

RIP_Weazel1448d ago

...whats the weather like in the future oh advanced beings?

MiloGarret1448d ago

Dark and cold. Perfect for the definitive edition of every mp game ever released.

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SixtyNine1448d ago

You'll miss out on a lot of games though. . I guess console exclusives don't appeal to you.

ZodTheRipper1448d ago

PC gamer logic is not able to comprehend that.

curtis921448d ago

PC logic: 8000x7000 on 9 monitors for bf4 > infamous, the order, uncharted and all other amazing sony games.