Pachter on Nintendo: "Times May Have Passed Them by... If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them"

GR: Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter is at it again, this time weighing in on the current state of Nintendo and how the company should move forward.

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Yep1479d ago

They're beating the competition in one area: Games

All they need to do now is sell their system to the masses better. One of the reasons why the PS4 is selling so well is because of marketing. PS4 may be the most returned console, but it's still a sale for Sony.

Majin-vegeta1478d ago

* PS4 may be the most returned console, but it's still a sale for Sony.*

Where did this come out of??Lol

-Foxtrot1478d ago

"They're beating the competition in one area: Games"

Only because it's been out for a year...even then despite the massive head start they only managed to produce one system seller, a year later....Super Mario 3D World.

Yep1478d ago

Take it up with Sony and MS. Not Nintendo's fault they released a year earlier than Sony and MS.

I agree, 2013 could have and should have been better, but at least when they did come out with games, they were top-notch.

thezeldadoth1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

it took them a whole year to make one of the highest rated game last year!?!?

you guys are pathetic spinning arguments in sony's favor.
Wii U has no games when it first comes out "has no games, nintendo sucks"
Wii U gets a few highly rated titles by the next year "Has had a whole year to do it!"

-Foxtrot1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )


Not Nintendos fault THEY released their console early despite how "under developed" it seems for a next gen console....right. Yeah it's not their fault at all /s

@ thezeldadoth

"it took them a whole year to make the highest rated game last year!?!?"

Urm....Bioshock Infinite, GTAV and The Last of Us say Hi.

Oh and really it took them 2 years since something like Super Mario 3D World should of been a launch title. We should of had Mario Kart in November, Smash Bros coming up soon and at least Zelda in September or October.

"you guys are pathetic spinning arguments in sony's favor."

OMG who the hell mentioned Sony, seriously you guys bring this silly Microsoft/Sony fanboy crap on yourselves.

Acesonnall is the only person who mentioned something Sony related.

Metallox1478d ago

You need systems sellers to determinate the quality of a system? Really?

wonderfulmonkeyman1478d ago

The Wonderful 101 also caused a small sales spike, as did a few other titles.
Also, I find it ironic that you're still falling back on the "only because it's older" excuse, when it wasn't too long ago that people like you were using the exact same excuse against the Wii U, when all Sony and Micro had to go with was the PS360 and the Wii U was still less than a year old.
Don't try to use the same excuse that you tried to discard when it was used against your arguments in the past.
It's bad.

-Foxtrot1478d ago


"when all Sony and Micro had to go with was the PS360 and the Wii U was still less than a year old.
Don't try to use the same excuse that you tried to discard when it was used against your arguments in the past."

I wasn't even on this site that long ago...

Jeez you guys are clutching for straws here.

linkenski1478d ago

Don't get ahead of yourself. They aren't even beating competition when it comes to games. Next-gens have the new Metal Gear, Thief, Dragon Age and The Witcher coming out... this year and Wii U has the same old titles that have been done to death like Smash Bros and Mario Kart. For me, Mario Kart is no longer interesting but with an online multiplayer that's good, Smash might be something to look forward to. Donkey Kong is cool too... but there is nothing coming out that has the "nintendo magic" IMO. SM3DW was a missed opportunity and the most boring 3D mario game to date.

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ZombieKiller1478d ago

I would love it if Nintendo decided to go straight software. In a perfect world, they would design games (all their nintendo franchises) for PlayStation.

I mean return to your roots Nintendo!! You guys went in WITH Sony to design the original PlayStation at one point, CONTINUE THE EPIC ORIGINS STORY!

I would love to see Link on my ps4.
Jeez, could you imagine a Smash Brothers? My head would explode!

Dehnus1478d ago

Roots? They just wanted Sony to make a Disk Add on for them?

Seriously Sony are not the roots to Nintendo, but Nintendo is the roots to Sony.

Seriously how does this get more agrees then disagrees? Just how bad is this website these days regarding Sony fanboyism?

ZombieKiller1478d ago

Calm down. By roots, I mean they went in with Sony on something and I want it to happen again. That's all. Nothing more.

You seriously need a new hobby if what I said bothers you THAT much. I wasn't even disrespecting another company and if Nintendo made games for Sony, all the PS gamers would get to play nintendo games WHICH IS A GOOD THING. I'm starting to see why you have 2 bubbles.

wonderfulmonkeyman1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Let me educate you a little...

Sony is in no way affiliated with Nintendo's roots.

They had a deal going with Nintendo to make a CD add-on for the SNES, to try and counter Sega's systems.

What Nintendo discovered at the last minute changed that, though; there was a clause in the contract that would have caused ALL PROFITS FROM ALL GAMES MADE FOR THE DEVICE to go TO SONY AND NOT NINTENDO.
That's right; even Mario and Zelda games would have had all the profits going straight into Sony's bank.
Sony tried to pull a fast one on Nintendo, so Nintendo, in retribution, dropped them like a hot rock and went with Phillips instead.[to their detriment, unfortunately]

Basically, Sony's story is one where they tried to dupe Nintendo, failed to do so, and went on to find a margin of success that could have been EASILY tripled or more in value if they had played straight ball.

Had Sony not tried to cheat Nintendo, you very well MIGHT be seeing a partnership on a console between the two in this very day and time, with Mario and InFamous appearing on two different consoles due to the partnership, or even a single console made by both of the giants, with all of your favorite first and second party titles on it, tons of third party multiplats, and an incredible online environment with a subscription offering free games from both Nintendo and Sony's back-catalogs, and free online multiplayer not tied to an account system, on top of no region locks whatsoever.

Sony screwed up your chances of ever seeing that.
Take it up with them.

FATHASUN1478d ago

That "EPIC ORIGINS STORY" turned out to be an "EPIC BETRAYAL STORY".

Nintendo and Sony will not be collaborating any time soon.

ZombieKiller1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Good god people, I was referring to 2 major companies joining together to make awesome games and shut down yearly rehashes with quality.

Nothing more...
It's business, not betrayal...and to tell you the truth, it's THE IDEA I am shooting for. It's the idea of the 2 huge companies getting together to show the games industry how to make games. It was a fantasy, and I would think people on a damn gaming website would have a little bit more of an imagination. I'll say it again:
"I would love to see Link on my ps4.
Jeez, could you imagine a Smash Brothers? My head would explode!"
AND AGAIN: I wish they would go for software.
You would have thought I killed someones dog or something Jeez.

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DanielGearSolid1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )


Do you just make things up in your head to feel better about Nintendo?

BoneBone1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

If Nintendo could only sort the marketing out - they, unlike Sony & MS at this point, have the games to back it up with. Nintendo could learn like the other two though, that people are stupid and in this day and age, you have to use their stupidity to your advantage - and that, is marketing.

At least with Nintendo you will get the world's best quality games. They're just too nice, traditional and humble. Most of the western world don't appreciate these values, it's almost like they want to be conned and ripped off because they expect to be and are conditioned for it.

thezeldadoth1478d ago

nintendo is the only company left to actually finish their games before releasing them. I've already gotten a lot of enjoyment out of the Wii-U this year and the game lineup in 2014 is phenomenal. Its the perfect console to go along with a gaming PC. While enjoying X and smash bros this year, it will not bother me at all that a few angry fanboys are on here complaining about it

Kevlar0091478d ago

Sony and MS have been killing it with their advertising where Nintendo is almost nowhere to be found. And when they do show up it's vague and targets a small demographic.

Sony and MS are targeting the general electronics consumer where Nintendo is specifically targeting a young age group. Nintendo needs to think bigger with their ad campaign, in two commercials they could explain every feature of the WiiU and hype games at the same time, but instead they limit themselves by trying to promote a kiddie image.

They're feeding into the stereotype instead of fighting it

McScroggz1478d ago

Wow. This is just sad. Not rational discussion to be had here...

360ICE1478d ago

I don't agree. Of the three last generation consoles, I think PlayStation 3 was the console to offer the biggest and most varied library of interesting games. While the PS4 has been out for two seconds, the first wave of games is already slowly, but safely starting to tick in.

harrisk9541478d ago

I find it so amusing how this generation is a complete mirror image of last gen... Every day is another MS foot-in-mouth/damage control situation or a Nintendo losing money/not selling console/what should they do now article... Sony has regained the throne this time around, with better hardware, messaging, marketing and gamer/media support... Nintendo and MS fans should just get used to it this gen rather than making nonsensical, the "glass is half full" posts. It is becoming embarrassing.

McScroggz1478d ago

The problem is Nintendo first party games, with no third party support, is just simply not enough. We have seen it with the N64 and the Game Cube and we are seeing it now. I hate to be harsh, but people that think first party games are enough for a Nintendo home console are delusional.

bob1224321478d ago

Better marketing most certainly will help.

mochachino1478d ago

The best games are on PS3 and PC.

Nintendo has some good games but nothing close there was more good/better games coming from the rest of the industry.

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CAB18021479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Well Microsoft has never been on Number 1 in console sales and they haven't join with their competition

Beastforlifenoob1478d ago

ummmm maybe thats because Microsoft is one of the worlds LARGEST companeis. they can afford loss

CAB18021478d ago

I don't mean the Company entirely (facepalm)

KevinCubes1479d ago

WiiU bundled with ps4 would sell like hotcakes

mydyingparadiselost1478d ago

I would buy Pii4U bundle for $600 :P

Dravidian1478d ago

...Into water sports, are we?
lol, I jest.

MasterCornholio1478d ago

Wait a console that goes to the bathroom for you?

I want one!!!!!

Yep1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

I also guess Sony should join Nintendo since they can't seem to beat them in the handheld department and since they have more debt than Nintendo (who has none).

Double standards, gotta love em'.

SpaghettiMonster1478d ago

It's all fun and games until someone flips the table the other way.

KrisButtar1478d ago

you sour? anyways I think Apple should buy Nintendo simply as that would add so much value to the iPhone and would be something over the other smartphones and they could likely increase market share by bringing the handheld market into the fold.

Yep1478d ago

I think Apple should buy Sony simply as that would add so much value to the iPhone and would be something over the other smartphones and they could likely increase market share by bringing the handheld market into the fold.

KonsoruMasuta1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Can't you say the same thing about Apple buying Sony?

KrisButtar1478d ago


Apple can buy Sony, doesn't change the fact that I was keeping with the article as it was talking about Apple, mobile and Nintendo. The article doesn't mention Sony at all.

Beastforlifenoob1478d ago

The VITA has higher sales rate then the WII U....

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1478d ago

uh Wii U isn't in the handheld market nor is Vita competitor. The 3DS is.

fonger081478d ago

And the 3DS has literally sold 7x more than the vita... so what's your point?

RPG_Lover1478d ago

I like Pachter, I do.

What he fails to understand is Nintendo does not think profit first like he does.

They think consumer first.

So for them selling the most software and hardware in 2013 was all that mattered.

LinkOnABoat1478d ago

Money is first to every company. Cut the "Nintendo care about customers first!" carp.

porkChop1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

What? Nintendo has ALWAYS been profit first. That's why they always go cheap and gimp their hardware so they can sell them for a profit from day one. Why do you think Nintendo never takes risks when it comes to designing games? They always play it safe and never stray from their tired formula at all. Why do you think they keep reusing the same franchises over and over instead of experimenting with new IP? Why do you think Nintendo flipped shit when they had their first ever loss? Nintendo not focused on profit first, jesus christ, the things people say these days.

REDBEARD1478d ago

Same franchise: Yes

Same formula: No

Each Mario game I have played has a different gameplay formula (except for the New SMB series). You can't tell me Galaxy plays like Paper Mario, or 64. Same goes for the Zelda series. You have new IPs coming out from Nintendo: Xenoblade, The Last Story, and The Wonderful 101 are some new IPs. They don't play it safe with the gameplay formula, but everything else is probably true.