PS4 vs Xbox One: which is the better media player?

With the arrival of Xbox 360 and PS3, console manufacturers realised that games consoles could be so much more - they could be the media player that takes centre-stage in your living room, able to deliver movies and TV shows streamed from the internet as well as traditional disc-based entertainment. With the arrival of next-gen console, the potential is there to bring media integration to a whole new level

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BelkingOfSony1293d ago

xbox one - because microsoft revealed it as a entertainment console and the ps4 is a gaming console

NewMonday1293d ago

but in the end PS4 even wins this category..

"it's clear that of the two next-gen machines, the PS4 offers the preferable experience right now"

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truefan11291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

How about we wait for the update coming in March. MSFT is a software company and to be honest we wouldn't even be having this debate if not for the 360. I'm sure this upcoming software update will be huge for the XB1.

alexkoepp1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

X1 supports both TV as well as streaming videos from a PC, X1 easily takes this award at this point.

georgeenoob1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Everyone, even playstation fans say that Xbox is the #1 multimedia console (In Sony's defense).

But now that we know X1 has a HUGE amount of AAA exclusives under way, it is now the #1 multimedia console and the #1 gaming platform. Sorry, but with exclusives of this amount there is no argument to be had.

Conzul1291d ago

Sorry, PS4 is not a better media player than the X1. It lacks local media streaming; local mp4 or mp3 playback; FLAC or mkv support; or even media playback off of a usb stick.

Until these are patched in, X1 wins the media player category. I mean, come on, it's all they have at this point,

hellzsupernova1291d ago

Lol allot of good TVs can be turned on with your voice that is not a great feature

Master-H1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

@edonus a glorified TV remote is nothing to brag about lol
On top of that a lot of smart TVs already does voice recognition so yea...

UltraNova1291d ago

@above (1.1.1-1.1.5)

Jesus talking about defense forces! You guys make the US Army look like shit compared to your immediate counteractions!


On topic though, nice to see the PS3 is still king!

Baccra171291d ago

PS3. It can play blu-rays, mp4,avi and mp3's while streaming video from services not locked behind a pay wall. Not to mention the interface for playing mp4's and avi's is awesome and easy to use unlike 360. When the PS4 gets the firmware, if it ever gets it, to be an awesome player like PS3 I'll pick that. But till then, PS3 is the ultimate media player compared to PS4 and Xbone.

UnholyLight1290d ago

I guess this is related but not on the disc subject of media...

When you watch Netflix on PS4 quite often it randomly thinks you're trying to use the few voice commands that are available to it if you have the Playstation Camera like I do.

THAT IS SO ANNOYING, Im trying to watch a show with a friend and when we are talking or sometimes even characters voices in the shows trips the voice command prompts on the PS4.

That is insanely pathetic I have to say. Otherwise I love my PS4, but for Media playback, the X1 is where it's at for the best experience

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Sammy7771292d ago

did you even read the article?
"it's clear that of the two next-gen machines, the PS4 offers the preferable experience right now" and this is from eurogamer

BelkingOfSony1292d ago

I admit it, I did the n4g rookie mistake which was that I commented before reading the article

scott1821291d ago

lol, at least you admit it.


how your comment sounds =

"the xbox one because microsoft said it was"

Insomnia_841291d ago

That's XBoners "logic".

Nowadays some people just can't think for themselves.

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iamtehpwn1291d ago

Neither tbh. Ps3 is still the best place to view all your media. The One and the Ps4 both have a while to go in my opinion before they can get up to where PS3 currently is for media.

N4OGs1291d ago

ps4 wins because the blueray in ps4 is best and sony is bluray, also netflix on ps4 is free as well as other services like that. not to mention you can put your own hardrives into the ps4 and such and its just to awesome for the price as well. ps4 is cheaper and better with no cmera always watching you.

mediate-this1291d ago

Sorry bub, netflix is not free on any system.

Bathyj1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Well this is kind of amazing. If you want a console for media functions the choice is very clear. Get a Playstation 3.

Wouldnt use either Next Gen console for a media player while I still have my PS3.

Conzul1291d ago

Or hammer Sony until they put in the Ps3's media features that are inexcusably absent.

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nltsaved1291d ago

complete none sense you are obviously on drugs

N4OGs1291d ago

No! you are if you spent more for less and got the xbox one lol.

quaneylfc1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

There is uproar on the article entitles: Quantum break vs the order, which is better? An article that had to be updated to say: Stop comparing consoles and choose the game, with every sole xbox one comment being blacked out for trolling or off topic and the sole sony comments being some of the highest rated. there is an inside argument on a site like that. This site is biased because of the amount of users with ps4s. if that gets mentioned people brush it off and name this site and xbox only sited stating that "Xbox fans start arguments over the consoles all the time" a quote that doesn't factor in the sheer amount of playstation owners making the argument starting ratio point in their favour. but as far as to go to say that the playstation is a better all round entertainment machine is absolute drivel, when the xbox one actually had a better score regarding the quality of the blu ray player (from,) has more apps, voice commands and the hdmi in/out ports alone make the xbox more of an entertainment oriented machine and the thousands and THOUSANDS of past comments stating that the xbox is "an entertainment machine that cares about entertainment and TV doesn't care about gamers." that overstated quote alone says that the xbox is the better and more affiliated entertainment machine but the hypocrisy on this website churns out more biased shit each day, making even statistical numbering impossible to go by.

I own and have played on both consoles so believe me and before you black me out for trolling/off topic consider this: if being the entertainment machine is the worst option for a games console (which it is based on the comments given for the last year and a half) why do people who are proud of their console seem to think that theirs can do this, can insult the games industry and steer away from the things that matter: games.

The ps4 has some great entertainment apps, but it isn't designed for that so it will never be up to speed in that category .

BallsEye1291d ago

according to sad n4g community ps4 is also a best lover. You guys are just incredible. Everyday writing articles how much xbox one sux and doing some kind of polls among each other with obvious results. It really starts to look like you guys have some kind of insecurity. I'm glad I'm not living in your tiny world.

quaneylfc1291d ago

They play games on them but from time to time, they put IT in its bum

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xJumpManx1293d ago

Neither right now. once they both get DLNA is has to be the X1 since it has tv output.

n4rc1291d ago

Agree... Neither can really do much as it stands..

Remy_S1292d ago

That's pretty sad when the media focused console still loses on that front, the bone is an absolute joke.

YodaCracker1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

And meanwhile, the PS4 was largely focused on games yet the Xbox One is sporting the better game lineup. Ah, the irony!

cyguration1291d ago

What "better" game lineup?

Ryse? I have PC for "OMG grafix!"
Dead Rising 3? It's okay but kind of insipid.
Forza 5? With less content than Forza 4 and tons of microtransactions? Not by a long shot.

Boody-Bandit1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )


I have both consoles and I couldn't disagree with you more.

KI regardless of price isn't a full game. It's barely an XBLA game. Ryse is a pretty game but so simplistic mechanics and has some serious performance issues. Forza 5 is nothing like Turn 10 and MS showed at E3 2013 ( )and is literally half the game Forza 4 was / is. Let us not forget how Turn 10 made the game harder to earn money to unlock cars just so they can try and micro transaction gamers to death.

Plus nearly every multiplat title looks and runs better on the PS4.

So how exactly is the XBOX ONE sporting the better game line up?

Oh and let us not forget how MS left the past 2 generations, especially the 360. The past few years the only exclusive games on the 360 were either Kinect titles or their tried and true not so fab 4 (Halo, Gears, Forza and Fable).

So what's make MS only consumers think MS wont do it a 3rd time after the way they tried to enter this new generation?

Hicken1291d ago

Better on what front?

PS4 actually has more games.

PS4 has a larger variety of games.

PS4 has a higher rated library.

The only "better" the XB1 might have right now is in software sales, and I'm very certain that'd change if we could track digital sales.

NeoTribe1291d ago

Where exactly is this better lineup? Ps plus alone is pumping out more awesome games while your still stuck on forza, ryse and dead rising... im pretty sure the ps4 actually has more playable games at the moment, some of which are very good. Are you guys really gonna try the "sony has no games thing again?" Remember what happened last time right?