Should Nintendo Abandon Third-Parties?

With a flurry of news emanating from Nintendo’s earnings reports, sales forecasts, and quarterly results, the company’s chief executive, Satoru Iwata, is making a several quick decisions to not only keep his job but also get Nintendo back on its feet. After taking a 50% pay cut (Mr. Iwata purportedly already makes a comparatively modest $1.5 million with a yearly bonuses roughly doubling that amount), Iwata has since indicated to the Nikkei newspaper that Nintendo may be pursuing acquisitions and mergers in the near future.

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Lord_Sloth1661d ago

But it worked so well for them before. XXXP

ABizzel11661d ago

Third Parties are abandoning Nintendo, and rightfully so. Their games simply aren't selling on the console, and it doesn't make sense to keep gambling when the slot machine is taking more than it's giving out.

People talk about the Vita and Wii U being failures, and unfortunately they're both having hard times, but you look at 3rd party software sales and the Vita is actually doing much better than the Wii U.

COD: Declassified was a mess of a game, yet it still sold 2x as well as Call of Duty Black Ops 2, and Call of Duty Ghost combined on the Wii U.

The same thing goes for Assassin's Creed Liberation, vs. AC3 and AC4 on Wii U, with the Vita selling 2x the combined total for the Wii U games.

Need for Speed sold 5x better on Vita.

And so on. So I completely understand most 3rd parties not wanting to make games for Wii U.

So I also agree with this article. Nintendo needs to buy a good collection of 3rd party devs. and allow them to refresh their IP's or better yet make new IP's. They also need to get 3rd party games that simply make sense for their platform like Minecraft, Telltales games, etc...

UltimateMaster1661d ago

"Should Nintendo Abandon Third-Parties?"
Should this even be a question?

Chrischi19881661d ago

Actually not true. You just proved, that you didnt ever try a Wii U pretty much.

All of the mentioned games you just named, were total ripoffs on the Wii U. Non of them wouldve been worth buying on the Wii U, because they were all gimped and didnt get DLCs. They dont sell, because Nintendo fans dont like these kind of games, they dont sell, because they offered a inferior game, on lower install base and still wanted more money for it.

CoD had no DLCs. Comparing software sales of a home console to the vitas is also not legit to do. You know, Ghost was released on PC, PS4, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox1, on how many plattforms did your CoD: Declassified get released?

They have every right is also not exactly true, they have right now, but how did all of that mess start? With EA abandoning the Wii U and they actually had no right to do so, at least not in a fair world. They of course can choose by themselves, but as far as I know, EA wanted to put their DRM shit with Origin on Wii U and Nintendo refused, which was their right to do. All praised PS4 for not having DRM, hated Xbox1 for wanting DRM, but Nintendo also refusing to implement DRM is not their right? And for that EA punishes them with no sports games, no need for speed, no battlefield 4, which they actually presented on E3 once. Dont you think, if Wii U wouldve gotten all the EA multiplatts, then other 3rd Parties would follow, but EA is butthurt and wanted to lecture Nintendo, but they did not do the same thing with Sony, why not? Is that fair? Of course fanboys will act like it is fair, but honestly, it is not.

LaFleur1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Not at all, they need to make the console successful and demonstrate there is a market for third-party content to feature on it.

ZainreFang1661d ago

The market for third party content to feature on Wii U is not big enough to make an impact/profit for third parties. Nintendo themselves can't get fans of third party games on the system, because a fan of third party games wants to play third party games, and those aren't on Nintendo's console no matter how many first party games they make.

NYC_Gamer1661d ago

Nintendo should build a better relationship with 3rd party studios.

for we are many1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Interesting article, I say if Nintendo could acquire key strategic Studios that fill the gaps between Nintendo's own games while diversifying NT's games library particularly in the action shooters department so NT can become closer to being self-sufficient with its own multifaceted ecosystem (after all they are the most prolific developer/publisher with a huge number of games produced yearly on two platforms), then why not especially if NT can elevate the acquired studios to Nintendo-level product quality and polish. I believe this might be more interesting for us gamers than NT trying to be another copy of sony and ms and simply add yet another copy of multiplat games.

I would also advise Nintendo to proceed toward "Fusing" the console and handheld platforms in their next generation offering, because it's nigh impossible to maintain two platforms in the market with considerable success (without even 3rd party support in NT's case!), as history taught us many companies outside of Nintendo could not maintain home console plus handheld without failure, even a mega giant like M$ couldn't afford to enter the handheld market. So in my opinion, instead of spreading themselves thin on two platforms with no help from 3rd parties, "Fusion" makes sense.

Vegamyster1661d ago

Well there wouldn't really be a point if they did, that being said if 3rd parties aren't going to support them then they need to invest/buyout studios to make games for them similar to W101/Bayonetta 2.

MasterCornholio1660d ago

I still believe that 3rd parties are extremely important. Sure Nintendo could buy out other studios and increase the amount of 1st party titles but they will never replace franchises like GTA, COD, BattleField, MassEffect, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, Fallout etc. Because if the Wii U misses out on those games then that reduces the amount of releases significantly.

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