Xbox One Trolls Trick People Into Using Bing

When you’re in the middle of an online match against other people, the last thing you want is an interruption — but interruptions are exactly the sort of thing Xbox One trolls will try to induce.

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ShugaCane1444d ago

A video about 10 year-old kids talking to their Xbox 1 while playing Call of Duty. Could it get any worse ?

Kayant1444d ago

Looool probably not.

OT - These are great I wonder what will be next.

amiga-man1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Kinect can be funny as hell, OH NOOOO stop listening lol

UltimateMaster1444d ago

So this is the innovation Xbox was talking about!

Kinect is always listening, always watching.

Mr Pumblechook1444d ago

This trolling method was actually created by Microsoft to get more people to use Bing. ;)

TheSaint1443d ago

Lol, can you imagine the conspiracy theorists if they get hold of this one!

Sayai jin1444d ago

Agreed Suga. Seems a bit childish. The funny thing is that I was watching Netflix on my Xbox One and played this video and my XB1 went to Bing when it heard the audio.

Ripsta7th1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

So much for the voice recognition, i though MS was going to find a way to overcome this annoyance .anyone can command your xbox

dangerousbrian01444d ago

Funny thing is it always seems to be Americans that fall for it

Irishguy951444d ago

It's funny in the Harsh reality sense.

Hey, but ar least NSA ain't listening right?

Sayai jin1444d ago

@Dangerous - It would seem that way from the videos. A few of my German friends have been trolled like this as well.

NeoTribe1443d ago

Makes sense figuring there the only ones who will even touch xbox garbage.

N81444d ago

I agree kinect can be funny, telling the damn thing to stop listening. Unsnap! Xbox unsnap!

Th4Freak1444d ago

Things I got from this video:

1) The "troll" likes lesbian porn (search history @ 0:14).

2) Kids love Xbone.

3) Kids love CoD.

4) Parents buy their kids a $500 console and allow them to play a very violent game but they blame those games when a shooting happens.

maximus19851444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

# 1 wow lol ....lesbian ass reaping cock...just WTF lol

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