Game Review: Flappy Bird - York Nouse

The latest avian-themed gaming craze to hit mobile devices is the wonderfully maddening Flappy Bird. Like all the best mobile games, Flappy Bird is incredibly addictive, capturing that just-one-more-go mentality. Unlike other games, however, Flappy Bird is devoid of actual fun and is sadistic in the way it deceives you with its mockingly simple 8-bit setup. It’s digital heroin, only existing to raise your blood pressure as your hopes of succeeding are inevitably crushed when the titular bird dies pathetically, again and again.

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BelkingOfSony1630d ago

don't know why people are getting so hyped up over this game. the game is piss easy once you get used to the flight of the bird and time the taps right, just recently got a score of 42 but got bored of tapping, killed the bird, and deleted the game from my phone. you want a hard game, play megaman.