Presser Start - Kojima playing MGS4 Live right now in Japan Press Conference

Kotaku writes: "A buzzer just sounded! Literally. The lights have gone down and I'm in the dark. Good thing I have an illuminated MacBook Pro, amirite. There's an ad for Sony phones and now Uniqlo. Just like before a movie. There's a funny no smoking ad with MGS theme exclamation points. Hahaha, now there are a bunch of phoney MGS themed ads like for guns and stuff. Great stuff.

Watching the MGS4 opening on a huge movie screen in full Dolby Digital sound. Beautiful stuff. It starts with Old Snake wearing a hooded outfit in the back of a truck. The sound is truly amazing. The credits role as it goes from gameplay to unable. Great mix of game play and cut scenes."

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Rock Bottom3269d ago

Damn you stupid University, I need to buy a PS3 now but can't find a part time job to match my crazy schedule, MGS4 is coming out next month and I haven't even started saving money, guess I am gonna have to beg my parents for money, this sucks.
This might help. :O

Skater3269d ago

:O MGS4 has its own energy drink in Japan!

Lord Anubis3269d ago

Who abused Kojima and why is Kaz smiling?

jwatt3269d ago

Lmao why does Kojima look like that?

Lord Anubis3269d ago

although i never had the pleasure of meeting Hideo it looks like he is a mellow person and to some extent rather weird but in this picture it looks like kaz was the predator of something sinister :P

SUP3R3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Kojima looks like 'man f*ck this sh*t i wanna go home! i'm fu*kin tired b*tches!' <- Dave Chapelle voice

jwatt3269d ago

It's so many different scenerios with this pic. I think Hideo thought he had the perfect hair-du untill Kaz had ruffed it up now Kojima is pissed.

Bigbangbing3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

bubbles for you man

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ikiru33853269d ago

this game cannot come soon enough

PoSTedUP3269d ago

the MGO looks pretty impressive too

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The story is too old to be commented.