Dragon Age Inquisition: Environmental Diversity Will Be Wider and Richer

Concept art images released by Bioware indicate that Dragon Age Inquisition will feature a wider and richer fantasy world. Inquisition will explore a superior amount of environmental themes, contradicting the previous two games, where players could only explore a few city zones, dungeons and forests. The third game will introduce new scenarios like frozen mountains, swamps, ancient prisons and tombstones.

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showtimefolks1597d ago

i am hopeful that this will have the same kind of Impact on next gen as original Mass Effect had current gen

here is hoping its one of the 1st and hopefully one of many great RPG's of next gen

Senyra1597d ago

Me too. At least it seems it will be a really good game. Let's hope it won'«t turn out to be a disappointment.

Jack_Of_All_Blades1597d ago

I really hope it's as good as it sounds!

Peter_Warrior1595d ago

No copypasted dungeons? Really?