3 Ways Sony Can (And Should) Improve The PS4 This Year

Sony has had one of its best console launches with the PS4, and experienced a solid all-round start to the console’s lifecycle.

But now that the dust has settled and the excitement has died down, it’s time to look to how they are going to improve the platform in the long run – and what they should reveal come this year’s E3.

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ColeMacGrath1654d ago

I don't understand why do people keep complaining about the lack of BC? I mean if you want to play classics then why don't you play it on that console that had the game you wanna play again? If you don't own that console, then buy it and don't blame Sony for that, we all know what happened when PS3 was released at $499 & $599 due to BC addition.

moujahed1654d ago

You don't understand?!?! I still have my PS3 for this only reason and I am getting tired of actually wanting to play that MORE than my PS4 at the moment.

Th4Freak1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

So why don't you sell your PS4?

EDIT: Why the disagrees? He's bitching and crying about wanting to play more on his PS3...

TomShoe1654d ago

You know he'll eventually have to buy another one, right?

Th4Freak1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

@TomShoe He can buy it again when he's interested and use the money to buy games for his awesome PS3.

And i'm sorry but I just don't get his logic, I mean he buys something that he doesn't want to use/play and then he cries and bitch about it??

moujahed1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )


It's not that you don't understand Logic, you just don't understand period. How much sense does it make to be able to play PS2/PS1 but cannot do so on a "Next-Gen" gaming console? They have PC's than can emulate PS3... Who truly wants to keep switching back and forth when the PS4 has all the things you wanted that the PS3 does not have. I would like to be able to take snap-shots and captures of GTA V... I would like to play my own music as I play FF14... You my friend do not make any sense to me.

For you to look at this current system and not see it as a problem to spend money buying games from PSN but not be able to play it with your current gen system... it's kind of a slap in the face, but then again maybe you aren't working for your products... Ain't nothing like spending your parents money.

Th4Freak1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

@moujahed First of all BC is a privilege not a right and there's no such thing as PC's emulating PS3's, the architecture is extremely different and current PC's aren't powerful enough to emulate the whole PS3 architecture.

Gaikai works with modified PS3's and they stream it using DSP's, the same technology used in PS4's Remote Play.

And you must be new to gaming because every single console launch lacks of games so if you're an early adopter you know what you're going to face. Also there's a magical thing called research which you HAVE to do every time you're going to buy something.

Btw in the Playstation website there's a suggestion box where you can you complain about your "musical problems", why don't you do that instead to come and bitch in N4G like if we were Sony employees?

NeoTribe1653d ago

Herp derp! Ps4 just came out, so its no wonder why it has the established games. If sony made it bc we would have 100 articles bitching about sony following old mistakes and pricing there system to high. Some of the people on here need there head checked because its not working very good. If you want bc keep your ps3 or wait for ps now. Otherwise stfu, nobody wants your tears.

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ColeMacGrath1653d ago

So you'd rather have an overpriced PS4 just to have a BC feature to reduce the time of switching between consoles which will only cost you like 2-3 seconds of your time? and taking screenshots and listening to music while playing? That's it?

1OddWorld1654d ago

HBO Go is coming so I am all good :D

Most powerful gaming console - check
Netflix and HBO Go for times in between gaming - check
Thief, Infamous and Watchdogs on the horizon - check

Well I am happy and can wait for all the other minor fixes they will eventually get to down the road.

moujahed1654d ago

What if you already have HBO like me?

GuruMeditation1654d ago

I don't think he was speaking for you. You'll have your own reasons or lack of.

moujahed1654d ago

Music Unlimited is awesome but it's depressing knowing that at the moment it's the only way to play music in-game... Allow me to load my own music... This is my own issue asides from now being able to play the PS3 games I purchased from PSN

Hk85karlsson1654d ago

And the service is far from functioning (Music Unl).
It crashes, a lot.
When it works, it works pretty slow even though I have a solid ISP with great speed (100/100).

Utalkin2me1653d ago

Its not the only way to listen to music in game. Maybe for you, but there is other alternatives. I can plug my phone, mp3 and PC into my mixamp of my headset and listen to music all i want. And that's the only way i listen to music, doesn't waste any space on my consoles.

Th4Freak1654d ago

*Pulse Elite support.
*Improve streaming and recording video quality.

Sayai jin1654d ago

Add a PS Eye Extension cable...25 to 50 ft. It is way to short for a lot of people.

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