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Tyler and Craig from All Age Gaming write "If you read our 2013 Game of The Year Award, you would have seen we gave the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of Tomb Raider our Game of The Year. We were very excited to see what the upgraded versions on Xbox One and PS4 would be like. Craig has been playing the Xbox One version, while I have delved into the PS4 version. Our perspectives are below!"

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moujahed1630d ago

True reviews come from the user.. and coming from a PS4 owner who never gotten the chance to play this on my PS3 I can extremely happy. If I were a Xbone owner I would feel the same way, this game is amazing and looks extremely beautiful. Laura is gorgeous!! Video and screenshots are not due justice in my opinion. I love how they turn this Tomb Raider into a "SERIOUS" tomb raiding experience... very nicely done.

iistuii1630d ago

Agree, just finished it on PS4, very good game, looks & plays great. In fact I'd say it's a better game than any of the launch titles so far.

josephayal1630d ago

AAA Game but sorry I’m not paying $60 again