Hideo Kojima Shows Monolith Counting Down to PS4 Launch in Japan, With an Enormous PS4 Box

Looks like Hideo Kojima is excited by the impending launch of the PS4 in Japan, and he shared a couple pictures of what Sony Computer Entertainment prepared to advertise the event.

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gamer_1504d ago

even that box can't hold all the greatness.

come_bom1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

"Hideo Kojima Shows Monolith Counting Down to PS4 Launch in Japan, With an Enormous PS4 Box"

Hideo Kojima is quite the Sony fanboy! Everybody have their personal preferences... but a 3rd party developer like Kojima should show some restraint. He at least should try to be a professional.

slimeybrainboy1504d ago

He's from Japan, the release of the PS4 is the start of next gen over there. It's hardly unprofessional especially considering that Japan is a Sony territory.

ShinMaster1504d ago

You say that like being a PlayStation fan is a bad thing and instantly label anyone with a preference towards something you don't like, a "fanboy".

First of all, he doesn't like to get involved in your console wars.
Second, he showed up at Microsoft's E3 press conference to show off MGS5, didn't he?
Look, Xbox is practically dead in Japan and the PS4 is about to launch soon, followed by his game next month. Can you blame him?

Arkardo1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

He is a professional, he has preference because he grew with playstation brand from it's beginnings, and playstation it's a japanese brand so what you expect?

You should be thankful that his games are being launch on every platform, nothing can stop him from liking certain game or brand.

Majin-vegeta1504d ago

How cool would it be if Sony streamed the Japanese PS4 launch through the PS4 twitch app :O??

Abriael1504d ago

I'm gonna bet that they're gonna do something like that.

GribbleGrunger1504d ago

Yes, that would be a great idea. If Sony play this right, it could come across as a complete re-release over here too and help maintain the momentum they're currently enjoying. Couple that with news of quicker localisation of Japanese launch titles and bingo, hype starting all over again.

gigoran1504d ago

Will this be the final nail in MS's coffin in Japan?

I saw the xbox flop there.
I saw the 360 flop there.

With the superior hardware and performance, Sony is going to be the first choice again this gen in Japan.

Jōbutsu suru Xbox.
From Japan

Spore_7771504d ago

Wake me up when TPP is released.

PS4isKing_821504d ago

Sorry if this is a dumb question but what is tpp? :)

knifefight1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

The Pettit Project.
They're a band that sings about video games.

Not sure why he's talking about them with PS4 though. So far as I know they only sing about retro stuff.

paranoid19711504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Considering this is a Kojima thread, I assume he means The Phantom Pain

MasterCornholio1504d ago

How dare you insult the great cornholio. Its TP not TPP.

Now give me TP for my bunghole.

GuruMeditation1504d ago

There might still be some stuck in my gutter from Halloween. You can reach it, it's yours. Don't Thank me, just pay it forward ;)

PS4isKing_821504d ago

Ps4 Japan launch should easily be another mil consoles sold this month along with ps4 selling another mil in America for Jan and Feb with the new stock. So by march Sony should have sold close to 6 mil worldwide. Maybe more.

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The story is too old to be commented.