The Last of Us Should Be the Last of It!

In an age where sequels sell and new titles usually do not, it seems to be the best choice for developers and publishers to get the most from their franchises by establishing a brand with their most popular titles. While being one of the last exclusive blockbuster titles of the previous generation, The Last of Us definitely turned out to be a popular title among gamers.

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gamer_1626d ago

I feel it ended perfectly. No need for more. " Some things are just meant to come change the world, and go"

GribbleGrunger1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

I agree, with Joel and Ellie's story. But the world is brimming with possible new stories and new characters. What ND have created here is an enduring mythology which is on the edge of 'possible', and it would be criminal to throw that away on just one game OR movie OR book.

ziggurcat1626d ago

exactly. i would love to see another instalment in the series, just not with joel/ellie because i think that that chapter is over.

JP13691626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

The story could move on to a different location and/or time period. The world they've created is begging to be explored. Personally, I'd like to see a game taking place at the time of the outbreak, when no one really knows whats going on and there are no camps yet set up to provide safe haven.

Edit: At some point in the series, I would like them to return to Joel and Ellie, if only to see how their relationship evolved after the events of TLoU. This would also give ND a chance to go back to the possiblility of Ellie's resistance to cordyceps leading to a vaccine. It would be interesting to see their vision of mankind making its way back to a civilized existence again.

ColeMacGrath1626d ago

You'd think that ND can't make a new IP that is as awesome as TLoU, you've been misled.

abzdine1626d ago

for those who want it to be the last of it i suggest you guys just don't buy the sequel

GribbleGrunger1626d ago

Imagine if you started as a young couple with a kid. When all hell breaks loose you make for the road to try and flag a car down. You see headlights and start waving frantically. The car speeds by and when you look there's a young girl looking back out of the rear window ...

I'd love that, if you understand what I'm alluding to.

NewMonday1626d ago

I agree the development team should make an all new project

gaffyh1626d ago

Joel is too good a character to leave alone imo. I'm hoping for a proper sequel at some point, sooner rather than later if possible.

Waterboy1561626d ago

I agree with JP. If its a neccessary sequel, heck yes bring it on. If they have any new unique artistic approach to a new one that will be worth while awesome. But for the sake of making a sequel? for some reason this game itself would really not prosper from that at all.

UltimateMaster1626d ago

Boo-hoo, there will be a sequel. So what?
If there is a demand, there should be a sequel.
That's how market works.

Seeing how bad Gears of War Judgment sold, it didn't perform on par compare to the others that's for sure.

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DonDon1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Yeah but I love the gameplay and the backstory of how the cordecept virus ruined so many lives. Joel and Ellie aren't the only people in that world. I'd love to see a prequel featuring completely different people and a new story on heartbreak it's caused for other people. But not a sequel. The original game's ending is perfect and should never be further elaborated on. Let the story just live on in our heads.

wsoutlaw871626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

I think this is stupid logic, "I liked it so much that I dont want to get another one." Not wanting them to make another because you are afraid it wont live up to the first doesn't make sense, because not having it at all isnt helping anything either. The game was great and the story isnt finished in any way. Nothing really happened or concluded with joel and ellie, ellie knows so what happens now. I have no idea why anyone wouldn't want to play more of The Last of US and if you dont like the sequel then dont play it and pretend it never came out, because that is some how better. They didnt create a whole world and characters that everyone loved for one game, everyone plans stories past the first game.

gamer_1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Shawshank is one of my favorite movies,it has no sequels, or need for one. Some things are just better as one.

Xof1626d ago

I don't know.

If Zombie games stay popular, it would be a good setting to revisit, as AFAIK it's the only zombie setting out there with any real depth to it.

But I really don't want another linear action game through set-pieces from Naughty Dog. I'd love to see them return to their roots and do another segmented open-world adventure, and the setting of The Last of Us would be a perfect stage for that kind of game.

ziggurcat1626d ago

it's not (nor was it ever) a zombie game.

Xof1626d ago

No, it's a Zombie game. Just because it uses a pseudo-scientific justification for its zombies doesn't make it any less a zombie game.

ziggurcat1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

the fact that they're not the undead means it's not a zombie game. the infected are still alive.

BlakHavoc1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

I wouldn't mind if it never gets a sequel/prequel but I also wouldn't mind if it did. This game was excellent and really brought a certain feel to gaming that we haven't seen in a while with the way the story was told. I honestly think with the success it had, it would be kind of foolish for ND to leave behind what may be it's best game yet, but at the same time, some classic just need to be left alone. But if a sequel is ever announced, how could you not get excited just cause your afraid it may not live up to the hype?

BitbyDeath1626d ago

Maybe i'm in the minority but i'd rather a new Last of Us over a new Uncharted.

skydragoonity1626d ago

I'm with u on that one bro

Bathyj1626d ago

I kinda want both.

Sometimes I'm greedy. Spoilt I guess.

4ShotKing1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

I could see another TLOU if it had new characters, Joel and Elle's story are complete, but honestly I feel TLOU concluded after the first game, I'd rather Naughty Dog leave TLOU franchise on an extremely high note and as a swan song for the PS3 and the 7th generation of consoles and work on a new IP.

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