Insider Saw The Order: 1886 Gameplay, "Left Impression Similar To Uncharted 2 Demo, Drake In Nepal"

Industry Insider "Ahsan Rasheed aka Thuway" has something special to share with Playstation fans, reaction of his source who have seen The Order: 1886, an upcoming PS4 exclusive currently in development at Ready At Dawn.

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ShugaCane1297d ago

The wait is devastating T_T

Kingthrash3601297d ago

this may well be goty...or at least best new ip. i cant wait to see gameplay!

FamilyGuy1297d ago

But when the wait is over... greatness.

I've never been so excited about a group of Sony exclusives. Loved them all but never had "Day 1" just so burned in my mind as I do about these PS4 titles.

UltimateMaster1296d ago

The Uncharted 2 Demo didn't make it want to play the game.

I'm glad I did, tough. It was awesome!

minimur121296d ago

when/where is that destination playstation thing I've been hearing about? is it soon? I heard it was in febuary some time?

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Salooh1297d ago

Don't like this hype , i want to see it my self then say my opinion. If it's like Uncharted 2 i want to feel it then say it my self not someone saying this to me.

Beastforlifenoob1296d ago


Bolts-N-Rays11091297d ago

Goodness, I just want to see some gameplay already!

Crossbones1297d ago

They're probably waiting till GDC 2014.

Riderz13371297d ago


I need gameplay now!