Ready at Dawn "Burning the Midnight Oil"

Looks like Ready at Dawn is still working on a saturday night on The Order: 1886, as shared by founder Andrea Pessino.

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GamerXD1574d ago

Some dedication. Bring it on Ready at Dawn, I'm expecting something spectacular in E3'14.

Team_Litt1574d ago

Didn't the internet get all weird when Ryse devs were having dinners at work? Working weekends is okay now?

Heisenburger1574d ago

Jesus.... Lmao I feel bad for all you trolls out there. This website can be a fun timewaster, but sooo many people poor all their negative energy out here. People that are happy don't come online and behave like that. I truly pity you. I mean that.

OT: I am so stoked to see this game in action! E3 is going to be insane!

Hicken1574d ago

No. No, the internet didn't.

3-4-51574d ago

Ryse is barely a game

DarkLordMalik1574d ago

Looks to me like they are hard at work on releasing the game this year. Kudos to them.

sam_job1574d ago

hard work will PAY OFF, RAD are hard at work on of the best brand new IP on next-gen consoles........

4ShotKing1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Can't claim that yet, too many amazing new IPs coming, Destiny, The Division, Watch Dogs, Quantum Break, Titanfall ;) But the Order 1886 seems like it's going to be the Uncharted 2 of PS4 :)

Outside_ofthe_Box1574d ago

Damn, working on a Saturday night? Looks like the game should be ready at dawn...

theWB271574d ago

Hard work and dedication...I believe it is.

It's the funny the reaction that comes from the other side though.

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