Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month Begins

Starting today Battlefield 4 players can start collecting freebies. This is the first day of Player Appreciation Month for the multiplayer shooter.

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Meltic877d ago

A game that has failed so much. I did throw this garbage in the trash...

parentoftheyear877d ago

I have ALWAYS been a huge battlefield plan. Yes, I agree this was trash when it came out. Completely UNPLAYABLE. CAMPAIGN won't save. Multiplayer a disaster. They have been working very had though. Since updates, I haven't had one issue at all. They have worked very hard. Playing on ps4. I don't know what other platforms are like but it is near flawless on ps4. Been playing nonstop.

sergons876d ago

Please stfu! How about hit detection or rubber banding? Every ting is fine and you got no problems at all?

Derekvinyard13877d ago

I'm still having this problem where I shoot someone till it say zero health and they don't die

berndogskate877d ago

Whatever man, when it works its the best experience online out of them all. Simply gorgeous)

OmegaShen877d ago

Yep, when it works. The newest glitch is getting into the 2nd seat in a tank, last times I try it crash and this is PS4.

NVIDIAGeek877d ago

Is this the compensation for this broken-till-now game?

WolvesDude877d ago

The 'Appreciation Month' started yesterday where I live.

Ripsta7th877d ago

And yet the campaign still doesnt save

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