Flappy Bird - Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

WP - "Go look in the App Store at how many reviews Flappy Bird has. As of the time of this writing it's approaching 400,000, proof that Flappy Bird is what would happen if drugs were converted into app form. Yes, it's that addicting, because it's insanely frustrating, and it's insanely difficult to get past a score of 5 or even 10, usually. It doesn't have to be, though."

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Starbucks_Fan1576d ago

WTF?! Why is this article so hot? Didn't this happen the other day?

Shadonic1575d ago

popularity man. All i know is if thi game is whats viewed as one of the best of the ios/mobile gaming gen then I should have no issues becoming a success once I release my game. Even one guy from IGN said crap like the creator deserves money. IGN lost all of their respect as game reviewers from me after that.

Buff10441575d ago

Why doesn't the developer deserve money?

Shadonic1575d ago

@ buff srry about that was getting a bit too heated, The creator deserves some money I guess he got the popularity and his game has become a success and its entertaining people and thats all that matters.

I guess i just got heated from the surprise that something so simple could become such a huge hit even though I've always strived for creating a much more in depth game IDK I'm just extremely surprised that this became the big thing besides the countless other games that would be viewed as having more substance sorry about the outburst.

arranr1575d ago

I think this news story has gone onto google and many people have visited it. Flappy bird is the most popular game so far in 2014! Everyone is addicted to it. I have made a blog about it here - http://www.flappybirdguide....

TopDudeMan1575d ago

To be fair, I looked at the title, wondering the same thing. I came to look, so I reckon most people probably did the same as me. Most people are here to explain why this article shouldn't be hot, but can't see the irony that they're keeping it there.

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Retard1575d ago

670 degrees! Wow boy.

JarqueMcLark1575d ago

I really don't get the appeal of this though to be honest, I much prefer something like Choco Blocks -

Exodecai1575d ago

9) How to stop the game from crashing

There's a problem when THAT is one of the tips...

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The story is too old to be commented.