Sony "Not Sleeping at the Job" with PS4 Firmware Upgrades; "Good stuff is on the horizon," - Insider

Well known industry insider Ahsan Rasheed, also known on NeoGAF and Twitter as Thuway has a quite good track record with his sources, and he shared what he heard about Sony’s work on the PS4′s firmware.

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Majin-vegeta1629d ago

Always good to hear this.

LOD 2 better be one of those good things on the Horizon.

Sayai jin1629d ago

Never doubted it. The system will get better with time.

UltimateMaster1629d ago

Just bring Audio Music Support.

Boody-Bandit1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

I am looking forward to firmware updates to advance the system BUT Sony needs to do something with their PSN / bandwidth speeds ASAP.

I noticed that lately my PSN online speed seems to be running slower for me. My ISP is currently running a special on their upper tier packages so I figure WTF and upgraded mine a few days back hoping it would help. Once I received the new modem and activated everything my online speeds with my laptop, PC and tablets are 4 times faster than the previous service / package I had. I jump on PSN thinking okay this should make a huge difference. Nope, same speeds.

So I ran the connection test serveral times over the past couple days and I am averaging 11 download / 3.4 upload. On my other devices I am averaging 45 ping / 85 DL / 18 UP across America. When I test my speeds on the East Coast (where I live) my speeds are 12 ping / 100 DL / 24 UP.

Before some suggest otherwise. It has nothing to do with my modem, router, location of the PS4 hardware or anything else. Even if I live in a bad location, far from their nearest server, it doesn't explain how I am averaging 7x less speed on PSN vs any where else in the country I live.

Sony said since the PS4 launched that PS+ subscriptions have tripled. So I'm assuming Sony hasn't allotted for that increase in traffic yet. I hope they get on this and I wish the media would question them about it.

BTW I checked my speeds on my PS4 and both of the PS3's I own. They are all averaging the same speeds on PSN.

CuddlyREDRUM1629d ago

Actually, "The system will one day do what PS3 does in time" is the truer statement.

DragonKnight1629d ago

@Brutallyhonest: Question: Are you using a wired, or wireless connection? I did tests, and a wireless connection gets less than half the speed of a wired connection so it could just be that and not because Sony needs to anything with the speed on their end.

Boody-Bandit1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )


I never go wireless when gaming. Also I even purchased brand new net cables just to rule out everything on my end. But ALL of my other devices that are connected to the net in my home are flying whether wired or wireless.

Maybe it's just my path to Sony or the amount of traffic on PSN in my area. I posted this on the forums to see if anyone else is having similar problems.

alexkoepp1629d ago

Stupid article -

"Dude shares what he knows about sonys firmware"

"I don't know much about the firmware" - dude

Azmatik1629d ago

@bruttalyhonest - yup same thing here i have a 30DL and 15UL connection the highest i ever saw my ps4 get was 17DL but usually i get around what u described the 11DL and 3.4UL very weird i hope they fix it soon. Alot of my friends are waiting for music suport till they upgrade to ps4 its aparently a really huge thing ppl want if they release just that sales will jump.

Skizelli1629d ago


Regarding your first post above, I've noticed this in other areas as well. For example, when watching streams on PlayStation Live, the quality is horrible, and often laggy. Yet, when I watch the same stream on Twitch/Ustream's website or iOS App, it looks and plays great. It's definitely PSN.

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andibandit1629d ago

Was any of this really insider information?

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

I seriously hope they use the money their getting from psn + to make psn just as stable as Xbox live, I've always been pro Sony, but the one thing I've always admitted was when it came to reliably stable online gaming Xbox live always had my attention. Like I'm going by how my ps3 playstation store lagged hardcore so I figured it's the ram. Get a ps4 and enter the playstation store and it's still laggy definately nowhere near as slow but still surprising with 8gb of gddr5. So brings me to the conclusion that it's the psn causing the lag. Internet test shows I'm getting 5mb/s upload speed and 28 Mb/s download speed so it can't be that. Even killzone shadow fall lags like a lot. Definately don't get to experience the average 60fps multiplayer experience guerrilla games was boasting more like 40fps with random drops to like 20fps or lower ( lots of stutters ). I defended Sonys psn before because it was free but if it can't handle 5mb/s upload speed with an attached 50.00/year price tag I'll have to side with the xbots on the inferior online statement. I live in Canada in a small town so 5mb is considered high by our standards . So in conclusion I hope psn improves to Xbox live standards as far as stability goes .

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XiSasukeUchiha1629d ago

Good so PS4 domination is in!

hulk_bash19871629d ago

New and added functionality is always welcomed. Can't wait to see what they have planned.

-Foxtrot1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

I wish we had rumours on the games they have in development, they have a ton but they haven't shared most of them us yet...then you have the ones they have announced like the Order and Uncharted but no gameplay trailers.

Uncharted, The Order, More details on DriveClub, Guerrilla Games new IP, Sucker Punchs new IP, Sony Santa Monicas new IP, Quantic Dreams new IP, Sony Japan, Sony London, Sony Bend, GT7, Media Molecule, Sony San Diego...Crash Bandicoot in their somewhere

They are keeping their cards close to their chests aren't they

ABizzel11629d ago

To be honest I'm a bit surprised, considering how everything was constantly spoiled for them a good week or two before their reveals. They must have NDAs EVERYWHERE. You want to enter the building NDA, you need to use the restroom DNA, you want a cold drink of water NDA.

Makes GDC, E3, Gamescom, and TGS interesting.

monkey6021629d ago

"You need to use the restroom DNA"
Well i guess if there was one place to look for some the jax would be a good starting point :P

ABizzel11629d ago


lol, I meant NDA

alexkoepp1629d ago

Probably gonna be a big e3 for them this year is my guess, expect the announcements then

Batt1eRatt1e1629d ago

This insider is a Sony fanboy. He's the same clown who said TitanFall textures are low rez and that the devs are lying about the texture quality.

dantesparda1629d ago

The fanboy hate is strong with this one

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SonyAddict1629d ago

I think you clicked the wrong article!,and we don't like your kind around these here parts!.

BOLO1629d ago

Wow you have made yourself a target of opportunity and you deserve the replies...

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