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9 Stupid things the PS4 doesn't do yet

GameZone has been using the PlayStation 4 for a few months now, and even though it's mostly been a Battlefield 4 box, GameZone is enjoying it a lot. The Dualshock 4 is a joy to use, and the interface is incredibly fast compared to my bloated Xbox 360 dashboard. PlayStation Plus is, of course, a huge benefit. There's a lot to love, but it'll need a few updates before it feels like a fully-featured, next-gen console. Here are nine dumb things GameZone really wishes the PS4 could do. (PS4)

oODEADPOOLOo  +   159d ago
Could add to No#2 Does not have dedicated Youtube app.

Agree most wit 2,4,8

Should also add Bluray 3D to the list, but it might be coming in next patch.
Clover904  +   159d ago
Yeah. Looking forward to 3d playback.
fenome  +   159d ago
3D playback is more important in my mind. My ps3, laptop and phone have youtube, it's everywhere. 3d playback devices are limited and it's capable, they should've included it from the start as a check on the box. 3D bluray. My PS3 still does this, but it would've just been that much better for marketing, like the PS3 being a bluray player
liquidhalos  +   159d ago
That's a good list. I would love to video share with youtube, the current Facebook uploads just don't cut it. I would also love it if you could pull the videos directly off of the ps4 using a pc and wireless
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   159d ago
I really just want to be able to use my Pulse Headphones.
Funky Town_TX  +   159d ago
I thought Sony said all PS3 headphones would work with the PS4. Did they lie?
_FantasmA_  +   159d ago
The Elite Pulse headset can just plug into the controller. Seriously, you bought a PS3 headset. It works with the PS3. Stop feeling entitled. If I were to be like you, I'd want all my baby clothes to fit me now that I'm older too.
Funky Town_TX  +   159d ago
If Sony said pre-launch that it will work then it should work.
porkChop  +   159d ago
1) There are 2 Pulse headsets, only the Elite model can plug into the controller.

2) We're not entitled. Sony is the one that promised the PS4 would support the Pulse line of headsets, not us. So take your "entitled" crap and shove it.
Shad0wRunner  +   159d ago
It's NOT a sense of entitlement...just an expectation. There's no reason why PS3 headsets, both wired and Bluetooth SHOULDNT already be working on PS4. PS4 controllers (The Dualshock4) are Bluetooth and they connect to the PS4, as such...just fine. Therefore, a PS4 update to expand Bluetooth support to legacy headsets, keyboards, phones, speakers and other Bluetooth capable devices IS to be expected.

There is a broader and much larger point here. Consumers dont like to hear that their very capable devices will not be supported on a high tech, next gen game console. Especially after shelling out $80.00+ on up for them, once already. Then be asked or required to go out and buy NEW devices and headsets, specifically supported for the NEW game console.

Double dipping in OUR pockets, when we KNOW theres nothing wrong with the headsets we already bought, and can be activated with a simple firmware update....is not funny.

As PS4 gamers, we understood that gaming was at the forefront of the PS4's launch...and we were fine with that. We've already established the PS4 is the most powerful next gen console, on the market, right now...pushing games at 1080 at 60FPS with ease, like a BOSS. We get it. Now it's time to start interjecting some MORE functionality and enhancements.

And we can start with those damned headsets...
stevehyphen  +   159d ago

I understand your frustration, as my pulse elite currently gathers dust.

A common misconception: Pulse is not Bluetooth, hence the USB dongle and no possibility of wireless Vita support.

Even some retailers erroneously list it as Bluetooth.
eferreira  +   159d ago
that will come at the japan launch
McScroggz  +   159d ago
I agree with all of this. The good news is every one of these are absolutely possible in a firmware patch.
-Foxtrot  +   159d ago
10. Stroke me and tell me I'm pretty
Heisenburger  +   159d ago
11. Camera pans out to reveal it was you stroking, and talking to, yourself all along.
-Foxtrot  +   159d ago
I already do that
fenome  +   159d ago
Isn't that how you get a studded leather trophy? Very rare
Dafreakzo  +   159d ago
Bitch moan and complain. I rarely ever have an issue watching people play on Twitch. Author probably has a shit connection.
okmrman  +   159d ago
everything is perfect with the ps4 OS.......right?

shut up
oODEADPOOLOo  +   159d ago
>.> (Random douche) "Author probably has a shit connection."

"I understand this is a new service, and Sony obvious has some kinks to work out, but I can already watch crystal clear streams of tons of PC games through Twitch and Ustream." (author) <.<

You know you remind me of someone:
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porkChop  +   159d ago
The problem is that the broadcasting from PS4 defaults to a lower quality. I only know that you can change the video quality because I found it by accident in the share menu, so I set it to "Best". Most people probably don't know that their broadcast quality is low, so they don't think to change it.
Clover904  +   159d ago
I have a Bravia tv which let's me control the ps4 with my tv remote. That is until I click on an app like Netfilx or Vudu. Come on Sony, those apps are the main reason anyone would use a remote.
Han_Nolo  +   159d ago
My biggest gripe is the lack of DLNA. That shit is ridiculous, especially if the only reason behind it is for me to subscribe to every subscription service they have available.

Slightly out of touch, I'd say.
Han_Nolo  +   159d ago
Not to mention really basic things like folder management, which applies to all things that are found on the dash. I mean, who wants infinite tiles of all the games they own instead of a nice folder where specific titles can be stored?

Plus, it's pretty ridiculous when the previous console iteration has all kinds of functions and the new one (:Edit) does not. Dynamic backgrounds, anyone?

I mean, I know that a patch can fix all of this stuff, but it really grinds my gears that these things weren't included from the very start. I mean, why pay so much right at launch, which is obviously going to find my in a scarce, desolate desert of available games, only to find out that I basically bought a $400 Netflix player.
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fenome  +   159d ago
One of the benifits of being an early adopter, is this your first time?
Han_Nolo  +   159d ago
Not exactly. I just expected better.

Either way, I love my PS4 and I can't wait for it to receive some substantial firmware updates, but that kind of stuff bothers me.
Sounds like they should've got a PS3 instead of downgrading to a PS4.
fenome  +   159d ago
Why not have both? I was an early adopter on both, and I couldn't be happier with my decisions. I consider it more as investment, I can still do everything I always could on everything else I own. I haven't gotten rid of of anything, so all I've done is gain what happens through this new machine now.

Your_Name_Dante_BTW started off as a Playstation exclusive, until they ruined it with the game in your avatar. You realise this right?
fenome  +   159d ago
The only one I'm wondering about is the lack of dual triggers on the Vita, it acts as a second screen and a second controller, they need to impliment those buttons. Yes, I know you can tap it on the back, but I'd rather push the button that should be there. I'm hoping they announce a new Vita at E3 along with the Vita Tv westeren release date with Dualshock4 support(on top of all the big bombs they're gonna be droppin'). I wanna be getting a Vita soon so I can try out remote play on my work break and show my friends my games, I want all my damn button though.
captainexplosion  +   159d ago
Could not agree with u more. Remote play doesnt work well. Lack of buttons and the screen being to small are the two biggest complaints. But dont let that stop u from getting a Vita because its awesome.
porkChop  +   159d ago
The extra triggers aren't feasible because it's a handheld. Adding those 2 triggers would make the system much thicker, which would make it far less portable. My Vita just barely fits in my pockets as it is now.

And I know that physical buttons would be better, but the rear touch actually works very well. One thing I would really like though is to be able to customize the button layout for Remote Play.
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captainexplosion  +   159d ago
I dont think an extra trigger button would make it any thicker. The current trigger buttons are only about a third of its width. And I dont think size is all that important for the vita. Its not little kids who own it.
AHall88  +   159d ago
Is HDCP still an issue?
captainexplosion  +   159d ago
My biggest gripe is no blurry 3D. That is huge for me personally. My second biggest gripe is no mp3 or custom soundtracks. Other complaints: netflix screws up alot, blurays screw up alot, cant access vita games in plus section of store, HBOgo isnt available yet, they haven't released a bluray remote yet, the settings for remote play are annoying, ps4 games need custom button mapping for vita remote play, and the button mapping on controller for blurays is terrible.
jayswolo  +   159d ago
How about sharing stuff with friends? "Oh check out this game, check out this video, etc."

How about an overlay? The XMB somewhat outclasses whatever it's called on PS4 despite it being the same thing.
jacksjus  +   159d ago
I agree 100% with this article amongst a few other things. I know the PS4 will get there but these simple things should have been there from the beginning.
AKissFromDaddy  +   159d ago
No opinion from me because I don't use it, lol.

That's super subjective. How much cleaner can it be. Nonetheless, a dedicated party/invite button is definitely nice.

That's just being nit picky in my opinion. I mean, there's a bluray drive already there, and there's Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Amazon Videos. The USB stick will make piracy far too easy. C'mon, lol.

The rest of these, #2, #3, #4, #6, #7, and especially #9, are excellent points.
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assdan  +   159d ago
True for the most part. Wouldn't mind some personalization options.
Shad0wRunner  +   159d ago
How can USB flashdrives make piracy an issue for PS4?

First of all...you cant copy PS4 games to Flashdrives or external HDD any more than you can with a PS3. This was never an option or a threat and as such...does nothing to enable or provide any degree of piracy via the USB drive, on a PS4.

You can however, download tv shows and movies to a PC (torrent) and copy them over to a Flashdrive and then play or copy them onto a PS3. Now...if SONY was ever concerned with such an ability, they wouldve patched it out of the PS3 a very long time ago. Have they? NOPE. I can still stream and copy media/video files from a Flashdrive to a PS3 in 2014. SONY are very much aware, that some of their consumers MIGHT BE using such features in conjunction with piracy...but they are not the FCC, DMCA or the media police, nor do they concern themselves with any activities their consumers may or may not do, on their Playstation brand devices...as long as it does not violate their TOS agreement. Last I checked...(and I DO read SONY'S TOS agreements) streaming and or copying various media files from a Flashdrive to a PS3, was well within our rights as consumers. What you choose to do illegally...(outside of tampering with their intellectual property) is not SONY's business or concern.

There is no logical or intelligent reason...why SONY would want to omit such a basic and fundamental ability from the PS4. I believe Flashdrive and external HDD support IS coming. If not in this upcoming firmware update...definitely the next.

No more talk of this "USB drives enable piracy" crap. Im done hearing it.
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trouble_bubble  +   159d ago
This!!! The PS4 should at LEAST be equal to the PS3 in terms of USB flashdrive cut/copy/paste/playback, not WORSE! They need to take the training wheels off this thing.
Yuri_Fan  +   159d ago
Forgot to add Goodgames to that list.
Knushwood Butt  +   159d ago
lol, how random is that pic of the shibaken dog from the hidden ending in Silent Hill 2 (#7 Better voice chat options).
NeoTribe  +   159d ago
It wont do my taxes... wtf...
lonelyplayer  +   159d ago
Streaming quality depends on upload speed.

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