Game Scoop!: What's Going On With Epic Games?

Microsoft just bought the rights to Gears of War from Epic. With Fortnite in limbo, just what is Epic up to?

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iceman13461354d ago

more "epic" stuff i guess..

Roccetarius1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

After Tencent bought a large chunk of Epic, things have been going in the wrong direction. Not to mention people leaving before that.

Unless they have something Epic up their sleeve, then i can see them being more of a technology company. Licensing and improving the UE4+. If that's the case, then their games will be missed, especially the Unreal games.

MightyNoX1354d ago

This. I'm one of those who believe they're out of the game and will probably focus on their Engine.

lifeisgamesok1354d ago

Epic isn't going anywhere they're waiting for 2015 to release their multiple next gen games

WeAreLegion1354d ago

Unreal Tournament is what they're up to, hopefully. Is Mark Rein still there?

BABY-JEDI1354d ago

I kind of thought that MS was putting out feelers with regards to buying Epic. The result of this was the buying of the rights on the Gears franchise.
Just a thought.