Nintendo doesn't seem worried about its own future, even if everyone else is

If one thing is certain after this week’s financial results press conference by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, it’s this: When it comes to the Big N’s future, pretty much anything could happen.

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW1625d ago

Iwata said, in an interview, "Mr. Yamauchi (former President Hiroshi Yamauchi) often said "Shitsui-taizen, Tokui-reizen," meaning that we should act regally when things are bad, and be calm when things are going well." Were he alive now, he would tell me to carry an air of confidence."

My current avatar is of former President Hiroshi Yamauchi, he died last year.

Chrono1625d ago

If he was alive now I guess he would be ashamed of Iwata's incompetency.

Chrischi19881624d ago

He died right during the Wii U game drought and still believed in Iwata. So you should not say things like this.

pcz1625d ago

it seems nintendo died with yamauchi

wonderfulmonkeyman1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

"Pretty much anything could happen".
Except for going mobile, going third party, dropping the game pad, and dropping out of consoles altogether.

Sorry haters, but Nintendo's here to stay even if the Wii U doesn't out-sell the others by the end of this generation.

As for the heads of Nintendo not being worried, I disagree.

Of course they're worried.
The thing is, it would be very stupid of them to let that affect their attitudes going forward.

Attitude is half the equation to success. If your attitude sucks then you're not going to make nearly as much progress as if you have a clear head and hopes of improvement, after recognizing where you've gone wrong.

The heads of Nintendo have done a lot of apologizing and flaw-acknowledgement lately, and those are important first steps towards positive change.

And after all of the positive news announced in their recent meeting, despite the feelings of shareholders, I think they have the right to feel a little confident about their ability to turn things around.

The one thing that might hold them back at this point is lack of substantial advertisement.

Like it or not, hype sells things.
If Nintendo wants their games to make the system recover, alongside all the changes they're making to the system and its services in the near future, they NEED to put a renewed, laser-like focus on viral advertisement of their most important upcoming core gaming titles.

Mario Kart, Bayonetta, X, Smash Bros, and tons of others from them all need a boost to their level of market saturation, and that can't happen unless Nintendo really gets on-the-ball with getting new news about currently-known and not-yet-announced titles.

More Nintendo Directs, more TV advertisements, more internet ads being blasted.

They have to SOAK the market with their advertisements, if they want to see some real improvement in their sales numbers, because one of the biggest factors is that there are still people out there that don't even know that the Wii U is a thing![I actually ran into one today; one of the guys in my home had no idea that Nintendo had actually made a new system a year back, and he plays games frequently]

Get Viral with your advertisements, Nintendo.
Do so and you'll be in a much better position to get the Wii U into homes.

And if you REALLY want to hit a Grand Slam in marketing, offer Indies your support to get TV ads up and running for their games, to entice more casuals to come and try things on the small-scale side of the indie pond on your system.

No one's doing that right now, so there's no guarantee it would work, but it's a risk worth taking, especially in your position, because it would show a level of support for indie companies that few others can boast of.

R00bot1625d ago

Well, Nintendo knows what's going on at Nintendo best. For all we know there could be a Pokemon MMO in development for the Wii U that could save it. We wouldn't know that, only Nintendo would.

KonsoruMasuta1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

They don't even have to make a Poke'mon MMO. Make an HD bundle of Poke'mon: Coliseum and Poke'mon: XD Gale of Darkness, add in an online infrastructure with multiplayer, and release it for 40- 50 bucks.

That would make me happy.

R00bot1625d ago

It was an example, but yours was better :D

4logpc1625d ago

Because Nintendo knows they are fine even if they dont sell another Wii U. Unlike the rest of the internet that has no idea how business works.

DC7771625d ago

Nintendo as a business will be fine but Wii U will not be at it's current pace. We thought we had a great game line up for 2014 but from recent news it looks like we have DK then zilch until MK8 in May. That's a long time for things to be stagnant and Wii U bashing to continue it's trend. If they're planning on holding everything else back until the next holiday season there will be a lot of disappointed fans out there and a lot more months of the same crap.

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