Sony Drops NDA on EverQuest Next: Landmark Alpha in Less than a Day; Here are Screenshots and Videos

When studio is confident in its product, non disclosure agreements drop pretty fast, and that’s exactly what happend with Sony Online Entertainment’s EverQuest Next Landmark, that entered its alpha phase just yesterday.

The alpha launched with a NDA in place, but just nineteen hours after the floodgates opened Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley announced that the gag order was dropping.

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AKissFromDaddy1511d ago

Addictive game and the background music is nice. I've watch my younger brother play this and it was like watching a black hole. It sucked his life away. I had to delete the game twice from his hard disk drive. He re-download it after I ban him from it. It use to be called EverCrack, lol

SoapShoes1511d ago

Glad it's coming to PS4!

Abriael1511d ago

We don't know if this one is coming to PS4. This is the minecraft-esque spin-off. What was announced to come to PS4 is the main MMO, Everquest Next.

fenome1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

I'll give EQ next a shot, but I don't usually play MMOs and I don't game on subscriptions. If I get addicted and play for a year, even at $10 a month, that's $120 on one game. Double price on one year, I still have games from years ago I've gotten for $15 I can play whenever I want to.

Next looks like something I'd try though, because it's fast and fluid. As long as combat is like that too, then who knows, I might get hooked.

cleft51510d ago

Thats a good point. I hope it does come to PS4 though.

Milruka1510d ago

Glad I already bought ff14. Cause this doesn't look all that great.

And what's with the first video? who plays a MMO with their camera that far zoomed in? you wouldn't be able to actually see what's going on in combat properly.

ICarly19851509d ago

ok I have a question? I'm thinking about paying for the trailblazer pack and was wondering if I buy it will all the clothing and other in game items be mine still when it comes out on the PS4?