Costco Unveils Their Playstation 4 Console Bundle

Costco has unveiled their Playstation 4 bundle which includes two controllers and a one year membership to Playstation Plus.

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Nodoze1267d ago

I picked a year of ps plus for 29 bucks. The controller is like 60 bucks. Ok deal I guess. Would be better if they threw a game in as well.

Garethvk1267d ago

That was my thought. $399.99 for system, $59.99 for control $49.00 for membership so about the same. I would have loved to see a camera included or a game.

UltimateMaster1267d ago

Yeah, that would have made more sense.
Cameras are pretty rare these days.

Garethvk1267d ago

No kidding. I was not able to get one from my media reps due to supply so my Mom ordered me one for Christmas. I got the here is my card go online and order one. Well Best Buy, Gamestop, and others did not have units you could order online at the time. Amazon who had them in the past only had one for $150.00 so I found one at Frys that I could order. They said it was on backorder and would ship around Jan 6th. I figured ok not to bad and it is not like I need it at the moment. Last week we got an e mail saying it was still on backorder and they have no idea when a resupply would come. I had the choice to cancel the order or keep waiting. I opted to keep waiting as like I said not vital to have now as my main thing would be uploading gameplay and such for the site, but I do want to use the Playroom. I figured when everyone else starts to get them, they will have them.

It is interesting though how their decision to not include the camera and thus lower the price worked well for them. Seeing how rare the units are, you have to wonder if they would have had more delays had they been included at launch. I can find a PS 4 system much easier than I can a camera.

harrisk9541267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

This bundle only saves you $10... unless, of course you got your extra DualShock 4 for free (promotion right before PS4 launched) and PS+ subscription for $25 (over the holidays), both from Amazon! Then, of course, you got the same "bundle" for only $425 (and no sales tax to top it off!!)

Giru0171267d ago

As long as it's more PS4 on shelves, I'll take any bundle as long as it's at the real price. Tired of those ebay ripoffs. Thankfully amazon has ps4's back in stock.

Garethvk1267d ago

Best Buy said they have some as well.

Sayai jin1267d ago

@Garethvk- All the stores in my area are out, but the local target has had four PS4 on their shelves for a week. The local Shopko has has the same two systems for a while now. It's not due to people not wanting the system, but due to the fact that my town is super small. I have told a few work associates about them.

Of topic, we gave a way a PS4 at our Holiday Party in 2013. That was one Happy dude.

LexHazard791267d ago

My local gamestop has some too...

avengers19781267d ago

There is a pretty steady supply right now, and really since the have infamous coming soon, they need as many consoles to retail as possible. Japan's launch could short supplies for a few weeks though.

If you want one now is a good time to get it

Sayai jin1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

How are eBay ripoffs. If people do not want to pay X amount then they are not forced to buy it and as the auctions, people do not have to bid. Supply and demand is well known.

Edit: to add I brought several systems when they launched. Two for my household and the rest for family members and one for my company's Holiday party. AA few of my family members reserved and got a PS4 so I had a few extra systems left over. I put them on craigslist and people were ridiculous...some people offering to trade stuff even though I listed the systems for $427 (taxes); one guy even said he would cut my lawn during the month others tried to give me post dated checks. So I put them on eBay and made about $50 profit, mainly due to eBay fees and shipping.

FamilyGuy1267d ago

Ebay is a rip-off because there are people that stalk the incoming PS4s and buy ALL OF THEM then list them for well above retail simply to make a profit. People that just want to buy te system can't get one at retail because of all these scaplers.

They are, in fact ripping people off.
You included.

You claim you were getting cash offers for the amount listed on craigs so you went to ebay for a profit >.>

All you had to do was put "Cash only, No Trades" in the title and be patient. You obviously (and justifiably) were more interested in making a profit.

Sayai jin1267d ago

@FamilyGuy- I brought my systems from Nebraska Furniture Mart, AAFESm and Best Buy. So your assertion that scalpers buy all of them and sell them on eBay is false. Once again, people are not forced to buy it on eBay. Supply and demand, are you familiar with it?

People who want one system for their own personal use have the same option to pre-order just as these so called scalpers.

You sound like someone with a mouth full of sour grapes. Please explain how I ripped someone off? I had four additional systems I put on eBay, two were put for a buy it now for $450 so after shipping cost and fees I made no money; actually lost $9 because I added insurance to the shipment as well. The other two put up for auction starting at 99 cents with no reserve. So people could have placed bids to $100 and I would have lost again supply and demand. People had the right to bid to the amount of $399. It was their choice and with these I made $474 before fees and shipping and the other $493 before fees and it averaged out to under $50 in profit.

When did I say I got cash offers on Craigslist in my post? I'll wait.

Why do you have the needs to capitalize certain words? Anyways, what makes you think that I did not list it as "Cash Only"? I did. Yes, and people all of a sudden will pay attention to that, no. You also get the crazies that will try to rob you as well so Craigslist is a huge risk. I did get one legitimate offer and sale on Craigslist. I sold it for $399. No taxes because I brought it from AAFES.

I was not in it for profit as I have a nice salary. The one I brought for my job I donated and the one we brought for my church...this was given to a family that needed help during the holidays. I decided not to take the additional ones back to the store due to... When the Wii-U launched I brought 2 additional WII-U's for my nephews and they wanted games for their other systems instead. So I took them back to Target and I asked the rep if they would be able to sell them right back to some one. They told me no that have to place it on hold to be inspected for tampering and it can take a while for it to be put back on the shelves. I was informed that most of the time with the ones that are returned to stores never make it back on shelves because shady employees will purchase them before that.

You made a lot of assumptions that were flat out wrong.

FamilyGuy1267d ago

"You claim you were getting cash offers"

It's pretty obvious that I meant to say "weren't" in that sentence.

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fluke81267d ago

This isn't new. I saw this at Costco about a month ago.

FamilyGuy1267d ago

Terrible bundle, saving all of $10 on the PS+ subscription.
Costco sucks.

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