Square Enix Also Betting on New IP Dragon Sky

Dragon Sky is another new real-time strategy IP coming from Square Enix that’s hoping to lure people in with nice illustrations and simple-but-engaging gameplay for their smartphones.

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-Foxtrot1626d ago

I was actually interested their for a spilt second then it hit me.....IOS....iPhone....iPad

FFS Square :|

Pozzle1625d ago

It's such a shame it's an ioS game because the artwork is pretty nice.

3-4-51625d ago

The fanbase for these types of games are playing their games on Vita/3DS/PS4 and such.....

How don't they get that?

ios gamers are playing candy crush and 80% probably don't even know who Square Enix is.

Is there some kind of competition within the industry for who can become out of touch with reality the fastest ?

-Foxtrot1625d ago

I know...

Lets be honest the times when people take such an interest in IOS games is when they are either on the train/bus or when your taking a s***

Even then, as you have said, it's Candy Crush, Temple Run or Angry Birds. Hell even some people snap chat themselves on the toilet taking a crap.

clockward1001625d ago

Square enix new ip !!!!!! Yaaaaay oh wait a minute noo its just amobile game nothing to see here people

worldwidegaming1625d ago

Square Enix and Capcom are the EA of Japan!