7 Chilling Horror Games to Scare You in 2014

2013 gave us a pretty decent year in the horror game department. There were some great titles such as Outlast, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, Slender: The Arrival, and even State of Decay and The Last of Us had gamers spooked everywhere. Thus far, 2014 further proves that horror games are making a comeback and for the better.

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andyjt1628d ago

Dying Light sounds good, as a Zombie Fan i'll keep an eye out for it.
Although, Routine caught my eye in your review... it looks different and something new to enjoy.

goldwyncq1628d ago

Indies have the best horror games. The Forest ftw!

Meltic1628d ago

what about a release date for dying light techland cmon. polish companies is often fast to release stuff..