Halo 1 Anniversary Developer Working On An Unannounced XB1 Project, Could Be Halo 2 Anniversary

GearNuke: "Halo 1 Anniversary was developed by Saber Interactive. It seems like they are currently working on a yet-to-be-announced Xbox One exclusive. Could it be the recently rumored Halo 2 Anniversary?"

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Gamba111604d ago

Man, lately so much Xbox news, this is nuts. So excited to see what 2014 brings, they definitely seem like they are in the right direction, and fixed the games problem they had on the 360, i am very impressed.

nategrigs1604d ago

I don't mean to troll you, but I wouldn't that say much of the recent xbone news has been positive. In fact, I hope most of it is incorrect.

Of course, if sunset overdrive and quantum break are good then it'll end up being a good year.

jdktech20101604d ago

Yea my only concern is that they will do what they did with the 360 and stop the exclusive momentum. I believe the 360 started out strong with exclusives too and then died off.

Hope that isn't the case this time.

nategrigs1604d ago

Who can disagree with this? 360 exclusive games have been horrible for years....Maybe not horrible, but certainly worse than their predecessors

cellur1111604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

They will probably try to make new games until the end of 2014 and give up from there.

XiSasukeUchiha1604d ago

Good things are going to come from these devs. Off Topic where a kinectless XB1 At 350!

4ShotKing1604d ago

I really hope Halo 2 Anniversary is coming and it's actual Halo 2 MP, that would be a dream come true

nategrigs1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

I would call that pretty likely. They know what made it great, why mess with it?

Edit: @slaphappy

I think that it's important that series evolve as they iterate. They may have moved in an unpopular direction, but they had to take that chance.

It's different when your remaking a classic game (at least it should be). You're just trying to put a new coat of paint on what made it great the first time. How was the recent Halo CE? I actually never played it.

SlapHappyJesus1604d ago

Well, they did move from it in future releases, despite it, seemingly, not going over well with fans of the series.

SlapHappyJesus1604d ago

The singleplayer was left untouched, outside of the graphical updates.
They used Reach's multiplayer though.

jdktech20101604d ago

I think it's likely. They can't add the multiplayer to Halo 4 since Halo 4 isn't on Xbox One like they did with the Halo: Anniversary maps (which were excellent btw).

Chase511604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Yay! Halo 2 anniversary?!? No way.. I get to play the same game I beat 5+ times on an xbone?!? OMG! I honestly don't care about this one bit.. It wouldn't be a reason to get an xbone in my opinion. I would much rather my ps4 games


Elit3Nick1604d ago

Obvious sony fanboy is obvious

StealthPandemic1604d ago

*You're comment was not able to be posted. Please drag you're butthurt ass back to 4chan.

Thank You for your cooperation.

jgrigs091604d ago

Whoa there buddy just calm your tits.

True_Samurai1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

*Butthurt to the max* Fact: almost every Sony fanboy are between the ages 10-12

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daedra1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Can't wait for halo 2 anniversary, all day all night.

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