Rumors: Microsoft Wants to Annualize Halo, Leaks Controlled Because of Low January Numbers

Karam Elahi writes: "Famousmortimer (Pete Dodd) had a couple of comments about why the barrage of MS leaks occurred, and MS’ intention of annualizing the Halo franchise."

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Thatguy-3101545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Everyone run and get xbox one's....NOT! The 500$ price tag is costing them. No one can deny that great exclusives are on the way but at the moment shelling out that much isn't worth it. Many can argue that PS4 doesn't currently have games but people KNOW that they will come. Heck the console would have been flooded if they weren't pumping exclusives after exclusives the last few years for the ps3. People also know the quality that follow those exclusives too so many rather pay 400$ and be patient.

StealthPandemic1545d ago ShowReplies(14)
arinaborina1545d ago

wow that is exactly what a sony drone would say lol

GribbleGrunger1545d ago

But the leaks this is based on was legitimate ... right?

Sharky2311545d ago

I think the draw to halo is that it only comes out every few years. They will be killing halo if they put it out every year!

whome1544d ago

i think halo has already been analized

georgeenoob1545d ago


Of course it died according to you.

OT: Halo is one of the most popular franchises in gaming history. As long as MS continues to push new IPs and popular Xbox franchises, I'm all for an annual Halo!

T21545d ago

Disagreed because georgenoob lol.
I say if cod can do it then why not halo? But I personally won't be getting it annually

nypifisel1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Annualized games always sacrifice in quality, they need to rely on simplistic and rushed development based on previous assets. It kills franchises since it bring son fatigue. It's something EA, Activision and Ubisoft pushes for cause they want short term profits, they don't care if it hurts game quality which is does, which is a long term catastrophe for them cause people will loose interest and become begrudged. I love the Metal Gear Solid franchise but never would I want Konami to release rushed, poorly thought out games every year, that would make me stop playing them cause they lack what drew me in initially.

GarrusVakarian1544d ago

You would actually be willing to let one of the most popular gaming franchises in gaming history (your own words) be annualized, resulting in the inevitable drop in quality that annualized games get?

That tells me a lot about you as a gamer....all you X1 fanboys care about is quantity. A game like Halo needs a good few years, the last thing it needs is the AC/CoD/BF treatment.

Spartan1191544d ago


Hey dont put me in the same basket as georgenoob. The last thing I want is an annual Halo. Same as AC and COD. Id rather see them go every 2 to 3 yrs or something. Hell I wouldnt even be bothered if Halo took the GTA route and really took there time to get it right. Its Microsofts fault Halo 2 ended the way it did. Im still dirty on that after all these yrs lol

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Automatic791545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )


Why would shelling out 500 not be worth it. Lets see we already got so many exclusives on Xbox one with DeadRising 3, RYSE, Forza 5, Halo Spartan Assault, Killer Instinct, Zoo Tycoon, Max and the Cursed Brotherhood, Crimson Dragon, Lococycle, Powerstar Golf all exclusives, also the system bring blueray, Xbox fitness, allows you to play MP3 and delivers Skype which many of us use.

Note for years I heard people say that Xbox never brought games. But when you look at it the competition is the one who continues to steal from MS example indie games all of a sudden they count but when MS delivered constantly through out the years it didn't. All I see is hate, hypocrisy and just plain ignorance. Most knock MS but they are delivering the games. Personally I like Phil Spencer he is assuring us there are games coming and more to follow. For example Plants vs Zombies,Titanfall, Kinect Sports just to name a few. Enough with the nonsense and support the games.

mmc-0071544d ago

(360 vs PS3)
(XB1 vs PS4)

lmao.. even while the xbox 360 had a year lead.. I love how nearly everything you said was false.

MorePowerOfGreen1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Wow These trolls. Now it's *MSFT's doing* because MSFT debunked the rumors designed to get gamers to wait for the disc-less XB1 to hurt sales now and to spread that Halo 5 isn't coming while throwing in probable things in there to it make seem more real(although no one really believed Halo 2,3 and 4 were coming to XB1 but the 2014 launch year is know) This year all in a effort to divert attention from Neogaf's CBOAT propaganda account.

These things are not real.

T21545d ago

Disc less sounds terrible now that at&t is applying to cap bandwidth.. And the pricecut will come that's the,price you pay for early adoption of new tech

No_Limit1543d ago

Shoot< Greenpowerz, is that you? :-)

hellzsupernova1545d ago

Halo is already an annual franchise
Sometimes we get a halo game twice in one year

u got owned1545d ago

I was about to say the same

No_Limit1544d ago

I didn't see a Halo in 2013, unless I'd missed something?

Brute_Shot_Adam1544d ago


Spartan ASSult - Windows 8 & Xbone, techically two difirent game due to the multiplayer additions.

Nicxel1544d ago

Typically when people talk about how often Halo comes out (myself included) they mean the large titles. Such as Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Reach, Halo 4. Every other title was either made by a different group (Halo Wars), made as a smaller title (for mobile gaming: Spartan Assault), or simply a game that gives a new campaign and added DLC for the larger title (ODST, Halo AE). It's the large titles that we don't want to see every year (2-3 years is perfect). Never include smaller games or add-on titles when talking about how often we see 343 (or even Bungie) push out Halo. There has never been an annual Halo release.

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No_Limit1544d ago

I have both now so I don't care as my plan now is to get all single player focus games on PS4 and still prefer live for multiplayer games. Good to own all consoles. :-D

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pwnsause_returns1545d ago

annualize Halo? GTFO...STAHP.

lifeisgamesok1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Once a Halo drops sales will increase significantly

Same with Gears

GarrusVakarian1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Gotta agree with you there, those 2 are system sellers by title alone.

But please, please don't annualize Halo.

B-radical1545d ago

Halo is one of my most beloved series i doubt they will annualize it but if they do...ill write 343 a very angry email!

Improv1545d ago

The last Gears bombed in terms of sales.

AusRogo1545d ago

Ill buy one when Gears is out (will probably be cheaper then too)

christocolus1544d ago


I totally agree with you, but you forgot to add titanfall.those three games will sell loads. I also think sunset overdrive and quantum break will move console but that will greatly depend on how much hype they generate before release and how well they are scored.


I actually agree with you too. A yearly release of the main halo game would ruin it,but ill accept a sequel to halo wars and may be a third person halo shooter inbetween main halo releases

GamersHeaven1545d ago

Seems Xbox One sales steadily declined I don't see how annually releasing Halo will help.

StealthPandemic1545d ago

They aren't declining. They are climbing.

nypifisel1544d ago

I seriously doubt any console ever climbed in sales after the holidays lol.. Esp not a 500 dollar console.

BG115791544d ago

Strangely there are no numbers from MS or Sony, which I find to be weird.
MS would be publicizing numbers if they sales would have increased.
SONY still has difficulties providing PS4, yet it seems to be a little bit easier to get it. Well the drought isn't over.
Numbers of sales must have deceased for sure on both sides. But they do seem to decline faster in one of the sides.

nategrigs1545d ago

You don't believe that people will buy xbones for Halo? Ok.....