Sony: Nintendo's decline "could be detrimental to the market”

Nintendo recently posted a $15 million (£9.1 million) loss for the last financial quarter, signalling further struggles for the company despite consistent Nintendo 3DS family sales.

Now, PlayStation UK boss, Fergal Gara, admits that the fall of Nintendo could impact the entire gaming market, especially if companies like Sony don’t engage with younger consumers.

"[The decline of Nintendo] could be detrimental to the market, unless people like us raise our game and help tap into the younger consumer group that they serve rather well”, Gara said in an exclusive interview with TrustedReviews. “That is the challenge to us. We need to bring maybe more family-friendly, more casual experiences into the market. I think there’s a big market segment there that we should take the challenge to engage and I see lots of potential to do that.”

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Thatguy-3101449d ago

Crazy how the majority of the gaming demographic are 18+. Goes to prove that video games aren't just for kids. As for capturing the younger demographic Sony needs to pump out quality platformers like the likes of Crash, GEX, Spyro, Tomba, etc. God how I remember the amazing games I played in the ps1 and ps2 era when I was a kid. During their domination in those two eras they basically covered most of the demographic so they eventually got a lot of the market share. Xbone/x360 and PS3/PS4 are mostly made up of adult gamers.

Neonridr1449d ago

I was already a teenager by the time the PS1 was around. My first system was a Colecovision.. lol

sic_chops1449d ago

Nice... Mine was an atari 5200

PsylentKiller1449d ago

Atari 2600 for me.

On topic though, Apple was saved by Microsoft in the early 80s I believe. MS pretty much gave Apple money to keep going. They understood that competition is good for business. Hopefully MS could do it again or SONY could do the same.

Shnazzyone1449d ago

We were the poor family, we got a NES in 1986 when a family friend won the lottery. Had to find a way to get every other game system that point forward myself. I miss my snes.

Omegasyde1449d ago

Atari here as well then NES > Super NES/SEGA > PS1/N64 > Ps2/Gamecube > 360/Wii/Ps3 > now only a ps4.

Wow. I didn't realize I was a closet Nintendard until now.....

I think I outgrew Nintendo. Mario still is Fun, but I grew tired of same story of Zelda. Metroid was awesome on the gamecube.

I want to buy a Wiiu but it really lacks in 2 things 1)games and 2)online. The game will come eventually (I bought the Wii when mariokart dropped probally be the same as Wiiu).

But the online....The novelty of Mii's wore off and the Miiverse really wasn't what gamers needed. Zero must have online games.

stragomccloud1448d ago

My first system was gaming on the Apple II! Then it was the NES!

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-Foxtrot1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I think if I had kids I would just buy them a PS4 and (by then) download Crash, Gex, Spyro, Tomb for them then when they've finished them PS2 classics and so on. I think I would want them to appreciate older games through the ages then just sitting them down to a brand new current gen game.

Same goes for the original Super Mario Bros on a Nintendo console and Halo CE on the Xbox...I would rather see them play Halo Combat Evolved then them jumping into Halo 6 or 7.

thorstein1449d ago

I have kids. We have the PS3, PS4 and Wii. The system played the most? PS3 followed by PS4 due to more games on the PS3 (esp Minecraft.)

OT: Sony is right here. Nintendo on the decline is bad for the market. Without the Wii (or whatever Nintendo console) who will the Playstation brand compete with? The third place X360 or XOne?


REDBEARD1449d ago

If i had kids, they would be completely overwhelmed by the amount of games and game systems I own. They would start from the classics such as the Atari and NES, and work their way up to the next generation.

Omegasyde1449d ago

I agree Nintendo brings in new games. Sony and MS can't rely on that Cell phone games like Candy Crush will have these people become true gamers.

ColeMacGrath1449d ago

Don't play current-gen games in front of them then, because....
"Dad, why are you playing a better-looking game than what I play? I want to play that too. Now."

This will definitely happen.

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360ICE1449d ago

That would have been pretty crazy in the early 90's.

Ashunderfire861449d ago

Exactly! Playstation did a better job with that than any other company in the past. They capture all the young demographic and still maintain the hardcore adult gamer.

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JohnnyTower1449d ago

Nintendo needs to get out there and market themselves. Get the word out. These Nintendo directs are unique, but won't hit the masses. If you watch Nintendo direct, chances are you already own a Nintendo console. Ninty needs to get out there and market the living hell out of smash bros, Mario kart, bayonetta, etc. Ninty needs to make their games sexy again. Not just a guilty pleasure.

MegaRay1449d ago

Then why dont u make more party games and more platformer games? That what I hate about sony these days, its like they give up on those genres to Nintendo.
And be4 you tell me how knack or puppeteer are platformers, I didnt tried knack but puppeteer wasnt the platformer I hoped it was, it didn't felt like crash/jak/ spyro or any other platformer.
Anyway sly 4 was a great comback tor the series, I hope jak returns too, and I hope ratchet stops the "future"crap and release something like R1-Deadlock

KonsoruMasuta1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Man, I used to love those PS1 platformers. I remembered when I use to put in Crash Bandicoot and this voice would come on screen while the music was playing and say "created and developed by Naughty Dog!!!".

Ah, so nostalgic.

RPG_Lover1449d ago

Thats rich coming from Sony, who has been down for 10 years and last year was even worse than Nintendo.

hellzsupernova1449d ago

Sony shows compassion and you want to complain.

weekev151449d ago

I dont know if its compassion or stealth trolling. Nintendo have waid that this year they are basically going after the mature market and this is like "Nintendo is for kids"

Tbh the young gamer is already pretty well served on ps consoles with skylanders, disney infinity, LBP and just dance along with the sports sim of your choice (only saying this because kenny dalgliesh player/manager on the sinclair spectrum zx got me into gaming)

Omegasyde1449d ago

Funny how the PS2 was and still is the most sold console. Also funny how PS3 is going to finish in 2nd place last gen.

Now if you are talking about dedicated handhelds, you have a point - But the PS vita has already sold millions.

Compare that to Ncage,Game Gear,Nomad, etc.

RPG_Lover1449d ago

Actually DS is now officially the top sold game device in history. PS2 is second place now.

PS3 is going to finish in second place? not at the current rate.

NeoTribe1449d ago

Chill dude, sony isnt trying to destroy nintendo.... ninty is doing a good enough job on there own. Seems companys cant even say nice things to eachother without there rabid fans trying to turn it back into a blood bath. Humanity will never evolve.

The_devils_chum1449d ago

Sony needs to take it easy on nintendo, there wouldn't even have been a sony playstation if it weren't for nintendo backing out of disc drive for snes i think it was forcing sony to try their hand in the console market.Maybe they should join forces once again to defeat the most vile and despicable microsoft.

Hicken1449d ago

Take it easy? What's with this assumption that Sony's somehow attacking Nintendo with this?

Man, people really don't know what compliments or encouragement are, anymore. The other day, Xbox fanboys tried to call me a troll for hoping that whatever problems the XB1 may have get fixed, and now Sony acknowledging the importance of Nintendo in the market(which they've done rather frequently over the past 12 months or so), is attack Nintendo.

I wish some of y'all would learn how to gain new perspectives on a situation. The myopic reactions to things around here are pretty ridiculous.

Omegasyde1449d ago

If Nintendo was to merge with any company, I would hope it would be Sega and/OR Namco and/or Capcom.

The way things are going at Electronic Arts - I wouldn't be surprised if we hear one day that Microsoft purchase the whole company.

The signs are there:
-Ex-MS employee is in charges of the games
-MS is partnering with EA on Titan Fall
-EA not renewing "Exclusivity" with NFL license
-Free Fifa for Euro Xbox1 launch owners
-Exclusive and/or timed DLC.

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