The CryENGINE as a game development solution

An article looking at the CryEngine as a video game solution, especially for independent developers.

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LennyLovespuds1625d ago

I've seen some incredible looking stuff done with the CryENGINE. The Jurassic Park mods look so much better than practically any other legitimate Jurassic Park game. All done with the CryENGINE.

muddygamesite1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Absolutely. It is one of the most capable solutions available to the public.

I guess there is quite a lot of misconception about the actual engine and its suitability for game development.

When you weigh in all the factors, it just ticks quite a few boxes with ease.

This is not just about its graphical prowess, but more about the tools available, and how intuitive they actually are.

It isn't perfect in some areas, but there are quite a few work-a-rounds.

--bienio--1625d ago

No!!! RedEngine3 nothing else!!

muddygamesite1625d ago

RedENGINE 3 is brilliant. It's just a shame it's in house :-(