Remedy is "nailing the essence, combat and drama" of Quantum Break, says Phil Spencer

OnlySP: Last week Phil Spencer told Twitter users that he would be providing a small update on Remedy’s Upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Quantum Break. New details on the show's tie in live-action show were also revealed this past week.

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lifeisgamesok1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

My most anticipated game this year

Beautiful visuals, third person action, intricate physics, a Remedy storyline, and next gen hardware

PockyKing1574d ago

Can't wait to see how the third person shooting mixes with the time related mechanics. Inversion had something similar, but that game was god awful.

lets_go_gunners1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

With those rumors floating around they say the game is coming out this fall. I'm expecting an E3 blowout.

Eldyraen1574d ago

I agreed although not really my most anticipated game so far. It is definitely really high up there but I want to see more gameplay before I can make it #1.

I think part of that is Witcher 3 is likely my #1 with very little chance it will be dethroned. Too many potentially great games have been announced but as an RPG fan... sorry Remedy. I'll be buying yours too though so no worries ;)

hulk_bash19871574d ago

I loved Alan Wake so this is pretty high on my must have list of games for this year. Can't wait......also iNfamous Second Son and TitanFall next month, Hell Yes.

truefan11574d ago

Quantum Break will be a game changer, can't wait.

Automatic791574d ago

Love Remedy and can't wait to see this game.

Sayai jin1574d ago

This game appears to be shaping to be a AAA. Only time will tell. Remedy has a really good track record.

hellzsupernova1574d ago

Xbox employee says xbox exclusives looks good no news here

christocolus1574d ago


Its going to be a great year.

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TomahawkX1574d ago

Remedy never disappoints, this game will be amazing.

Neoninja1574d ago

Happy things are coming along nicely on QB. My expectations are high for this one. I'm hoping it's a game changer on how a story is told on games while maintaining great gameplay.
Really can't wait to see more of it.

Software_Lover1574d ago

Quantum Break, Destiny (slightly), The Division. The next gen games I am ready for. If the price of the XBone is down by the time QB comes out, I will buy it.

Aces171574d ago

No one is showing Destiny any true excitement but it will surprise you'll.

Automatic791574d ago

Titanfall, Quantum Break, The Evil Within, Halo are definitely on top of my list this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.