Older Men Most Likely Demographic to Link Video Games to Aggression

The study, conducted by Dr. Andrew K. Przybylski of the Oxford Internet Institute, looked at 2,504 people from various demographics and asked them how much they agreed with the statement “violent video/computer games cause real-life aggression.” Men over the age of 65 were three and a half times as likely to agree with the statement.

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Yep1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

They also apparently hate kids with the way some of them can't bring themselves to owning E or T rated games in fear of being associated with them.

No idea why. Some kids are really excellent gaming enthusiasts.

360ICE1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

They're also the most likely demographic to be startled by a remote control. "This space ship technology is scaring me, and since I am a guy, that means I compensate by getting angry!"

As you can tell, I have three PhDs in psychology and writing (three in each).

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1479d ago

I Am an Older gamer- not that old- but older-

Like a Hipster,
I've been loving Nintendo since it was and then wasn't and then was and then wasn't cool.
I've also been playing video games even when it was called kid-stuff... (now it is become part of everyday life).

People's personal opinions about the games I play and why I play them ultimately, mean very little- Or else I would have conformed.

With that said,
Nintendo's Mario games are just 3D representations of Arcade games- there is nothing else to think about >because I remember the arcade games, so I see it differently).

Since I and many others have been making this same argument since the beginning, good-luck trying to convince the people who see video games as their own personal masculinity or maturity...

Same goes for anything else.
Some people think video games = murderer in training; this will change with time.

Same was said of Ragtime- the Blues- Movies- Rock- then Rap- then Video games and now the Internet...

Everything said and observed can be anything with the twist of a person's mind. ----And sometimes, that gets twisted
That's life.
It's what we(all&self) make it...

jimjam34421479d ago

"theese types of people are the most likely to say, that theese types of people are a certain way"?

the circle is complete?

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