Xbox One & PS4 Are Not Future Proof; Nothing Is

Nerdacy: This topic has been widely discussed since the Xbox One and PS4 were first announced last year and now that Sony has unveiled their cloud streaming service, the PlayStation Now, people think that these new consoles have become future proof; that there will not be another console generation, because it won’t be necessary nor will people care about consoles in the future. I find that notion to be completely and utterly absurd.

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lifeisgamesok1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

"Xbox One will stay relevant for the next 10 years"

MS has a plan :)

I can't even imagine how games are going to look towards the end of this gen

Look at Ryse, Quantum Break, and Forza. Halo is next

Jump ahead

CertifiedGamer1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Sony has a track record for being relevant for 13 years just look at the PS2. Microsoft has a track record of abandoning their old systems when their new system is on the shelf just look at the original xbox

theWB271603d ago

I don't think one event makes it a track record.

BTW...Shuhei already stated all first party Sony studios are working on PS4.

That's 7 years. Quite a far cry from 13 don't ya think?

hellzsupernova1603d ago

@wb27 but look at the exclusive list of games for the playstation three. Far more games then the 360 plus games were still coming out for the ps2 last year.

BG115791603d ago

Not to say that rumors about new-version of Xbone this year already, just show how well prepared his MS for the future.

theWB271603d ago

That's not what I responded to. Did a Sony owned studio make that game? If not then Sony isn't supporting the PS2. Just like now, they won't be supporting the PS3 for very long.

The PS3 released on Nov 17th 2006
Not even a year later they already ceased production of the original PS3 and released the revision.

Yeah...making adjustments shows how unprepared you are. No...look at Ninty not adjusting and see what it does for you. : )

BG115791603d ago

@theWB27, yeah they removed the chips that made it retro-compatible and two of the four usb to reduce the price from 699$ to 499$. The PS3 wasn't ready for the future too. The console was to expensive considering that the games at that time weren't better than the 360, the PS3 was more powerful, but more complicated to program. That's why I bought a 360 that year. Big mistake, the ROD problem made me buy a PS3 later that year. It's still working.

Do you want to compare what is happening now with the Xbone? Taking the Bluray which is fundamental for a DRM free console. More expensive console with less power, not because the console is harder to program, just because it's less powerful.
The positions have been inverted. Yet, I'm been logical, you on the other way are judging the same situation with two different ways.
Congrats you're a MS fanboy.

CertifiedGamer1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

WB27 apparently because all first party studios are working on PS4, that is proof and automatically means that they stopped supporting PS3. Your logic is garbage specially when many first party games are still being released for the PS3 this year, and for next year. And you say it is not a track record. Let me remind you that Sony released a Twisted Metal game, Crash Bandicoot game, Legends of Dragoon and much more games on PS1 years after PS2 was released, they released God Of War 2, a Jak and Daxter game, Shadow of the Collosus, and many other games years after PS3 was released. I think Sony has a track record. Don't be upset because Microsoft does not.

CertifiedGamer1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

TheWB27 If Sony abandoned the PS3 after the PS4, what do you call Little Big Planet Hub, Counterspy, hohokum, hell divers, mlb 2014:the show, etc... Those are first party exclusives. Last of Us:Left behind also proves Sony is still supporting expansions for their current line-up as well but in your fanboy delusional world Sony abandoned the PS3. You are what gamers call a Xbox Fanboy.

MysticStrummer1603d ago

@WB27 - Sony supported PS2 for a long time after PS3 launched and there's no reason to think PS3 won't get the same treatment.

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ziggurcat1603d ago

@ life:

"MS has a plan :)"

if you're referring to anything from misterx's delusioblog, you are in for one gigantic disappointment.

because not a single ounce of it is true.

theWB271603d ago

Are you inferring they don't have a plan? Life didn't mention misterx and pointed current seen/released titles and if we don't know a Halo title is coming.

ziggurcat1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

not at all.

and i did say *if* since usually anytime anyone over there refers to a "plan", it's invariably the "art of war" silliness (edit: that MS is going to reveal all of this extra, hidden power at E3, and that they've essentially been playing possum this whole time), they've been discussing for a while (and it's usually followed up with a giant grin).

theWB271603d ago

Yeah....I read his blog and it's hilarious. I'm all about Xbox and I've long since conceeded the Ps4 was more powerful. I'm ok with that (mainly cause I won't skip the Ps4) I don't know why others hang on to it. There's no reason at all for Microsoft to hide power from devs. They'll improve the tools..but c'mon.

I can't defend that stuff ; )

B-radical1603d ago

Hahaha I think he meant game wise chump

Infamous2981603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

@theWB27 "I don't know why others hang on to it"

because some xbox fanboys cant admit that and they tend to neglect the power difference.

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MysticStrummer1603d ago

Telling people to look at Forza isn't a great idea. Ryse has great faces, but much like Forza's cars if you look beyond that it's less than stellar. Quantum Break may very well turn out to be great, but that remains to be seen.

OT - Of couse nothing is future proof. All these companies can do is utilize the best tech possible while still trying to make a profit with an affordable product. MS has the "make a profit" thing covered already by using weaker tech, while Sony has the more powerful yet still more affordable system.

Neonridr1604d ago

Obviously these consoles aren't future proof. The rate technology is increasing these days I can't even imagine what Computers will be able to do in 7 or 8 years.

Now that being said, these consoles are still touting some very high specs and should do very well to stay competitive over the years.

DeadlyFire1603d ago

Well to be fair. They only ever add one CPU + one GPU to a console build. If they wanted to future proof it they would perfect HSA and scale up CPU and GPU cores to an unheard of number. Then the price would skyrocket though. So who would buy it.

No_Limit1603d ago

My Craftsman tools are. :-)

CertifiedGamer1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

I think the author from this article doesn't know what playstation now is. The guy pretends to talk about Moores law like if he just saw transcendent man yesterday. The truth is cloud can help this generation out but companies need more than 5mb of cloud streaming, whenever google fiber becomes the norm than that time will come.

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