New Star Citizen Artwork Showcases the Pirate Hangar as Game Approaches $38,000,000

Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen is keeping up its amazing crowd funding cavalcade, having raised $37,790,272 at the moment of this writing and steadily approaching the 38 million goal, and Cloud Imperium Games released another batch of concept artwork.

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Ashlen1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

They should change the name of this game to "Blackhole" because that's pretty much where all the money is going.

People have no idea the costs of things, like map packs for Call of Duty millions of people pay $25 for a few hours of work. All they do is cut and paste assets already in the game. Give me the tools and I promise you I could make a CoD map in an afternoon.

And people who believe EA needs to add more and more DLC's and micro-transactions when they have profit margins in the billions.

So dumb...

jimbobwahey1631d ago

Yup. There's no way that this game can possibly live up to the hype either, but it's hilarious to watch people keep throwing money towards it. The developer must be laughing :D

aliengmr1631d ago

Yea because the competition is pretty fierce when its comes to space combat sims, seeing how there's so many to choose from.

Not like Chris Roberts has any experience in the genre. I'll bet he's just laughing away, knowing he has no idea what to do.

I mean we all know that unless a publisher fronts that money a game is doomed to fail. There is a huge difference between publisher money and gamer money. This is why NO game has ever failed to live up to the hype when a publisher was involved.


Then again, what if it does live up to the hype.

thorstein1631d ago

Not familiar with Chris Roberts? While his previous games may lack the graphical prowess of current gen games, the games were superb.

No need for shoddy gameplay or weak characters or lame narrative. No, a Chris Roberts game grabs you, drags you in, and won't let go.

This game will be like that. Now I just need a system to handle it.

3-4-51631d ago

This game looks really good.

Most likely won't live up to the hype, but if the "hype" is 98/100, then it getting 92/100 isn't really that bad.

aliengmr1631d ago

What does EA and DLC have to do with this game?

What proof do you have the devs are embezzling the funds for this game?

Not sure what your overall point is, beyond the random EA rage.

adorie1631d ago

Assets are being built from the ground up for PC. It can take weeks to get stuff up and running. Most DLC is less than 20 bucks, if my memory serves me right.

This game is a throwback and EA, as far as I know, has sh*t to do with this game. Thankfully!

a08andan1631d ago

You don't think they have spent a lot of time creating these assets? Obviously re-using assets makes it much quicker building "new" maps and areas, but seriously, if you have ever had any experience from being a game developer yourself you would realize that it can take a long time to create models, textures, animations, code and make those finished assets work as intended in the game. Which in turn gives them the right to re-use the assets as much as they want. So I strongly disagree with you on this point :)

xeno041631d ago

What's already out is mind blowing, but people forget that this game is "In development" It takes time to create something from the ground up and if anyone took a minute to actually explore what tidbits they've been releasing they would be bashing it,

Just look at the friging detailing they've been doing.

Sure it may take awhile before it's actually playable but great games aren't built in a year.

Harmonizer1631d ago

I can't wait too it all playing in the beautiful CryEngine.

annus1631d ago

More proof that PC gaming is dead. /s

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