Battlefield 4 Second Assault Maps start showing up in PS4 filters, Suggesting a very soon release

BehindGames writes: Battlefield 4: Second Assault hasn’t been dated for release on PS4 yet, But the DLC' s maps start showing up in PS4 filters

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Crazyglues1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Well Great, finally... I mean XboxOne only had it since forever, I'm just saying. -Also I'm sure the 50 million dollar check from MS didn't hurt either.

-But Whatever, I guess late is better then never...

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3-4-51661d ago

Still can't believe they chose Firestorm over Kharg Island.

Firestorm is the worst / most boring BF map I've ever played and probably one of the worst FPS maps ever created.

I did play it on 360 with only 12v12, which couldn't have helped it but all the other maps played fine like that.

They Played it too safe with this pack I think.

Meltic1661d ago

a shitty game. I throwed it in the trash and ive never been happier

Utalkin2me1661d ago

Are you going to come into BF4 article and state that? Well im happy for you, if that makes you happy. BF4 players are probably better off without you anyways.

jmac531661d ago

yeah, he was probably that guy where the whole squad is dying and he doesnt throw down a med pack or revive anyone.

dcj05241661d ago

Lol good for you. The whole internet doesn't need to know your distaste for the game.

OwNizzleD1661d ago

Sorry to hear that you don't understand teamwork. Enjoy your cod and bullets that don't drop.

Meltic1661d ago

im not playing cod or BF. Ive never played cod online and BF has Always been in my heart bf3 but this is a failure for me. It has been so many bugs and so much i cant even play it until it will shutdown. Not now anymore but Before and i got tired of it and stop played... they should have delayed it and fixed it first. Now it wont get my attention anymore.

meatnormous1661d ago

Most of the people playing BF do not play the objective. Every game is like TDM.

Kingthrash3601661d ago

same with cod bro..all tdm

meatnormous1661d ago

My stats didn't transfer from ps3 to ps4. I am salty with ea and bf right now. But it still is a better game than cod.

SITH1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

You threw it into the trash?

boeso1661d ago

Placed in a bin liner and tied in a double knot, with a hygienic safety ribbon.

Meltic1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )


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SITH1661d ago

Get ready for cheating on metro. Players can glitch into the roof and walls of the map, and kill players.

Shadonic1661d ago

wish that DLC was at least free if you owned the previous installment of BF. I dont intend on spending more money on a game that still has issues or thats going to be washed out in a cycle of DLC possibly with more issues.

gamertk4211661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

I didn't like bf3 and started off not liking bf4, but now I'm hooked. Second Assault maps are legit, much better than China Rising. In the meantime, take advantage of the Player Appreciation goodies.

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