Gaming Malarkey with Marc- What is Resident Evil?

This time around, Marcus (@Themanwhogames0 on Twitter) talks about his experience playing Resident Evil: Director's Cut for the first time ever.

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GGNMugen1660d ago

Look at that box art. We have come far. Still, Resident Evil impressed me.

Majin-vegeta1659d ago

Resident Evil is a series that old school gamers loved for it's atmosphere and creepynes but now how has been reduced to nothing but a mindless shooter.

Plagasx1659d ago

I know that feel bro.. *Hugs*

GGNMugen1659d ago

Hopefully the reboot fixes that.

LinkOnABoat1659d ago

Make a RE with Claire and Rebecca (from RE Zero.) I wanna look at their butts for a whole game. :/

GGNMugen1659d ago

Lol. There's a fan made RE2 in the same vein as RE4. Same over the shoulder view point and everything.

Pozzle1659d ago

I'd love to see another RE game starring Claire!

Austin481659d ago

Its not dead yet if capcom would fix it though what i mean is i want it to scare the crap out me and a reboot would be nice

KillrateOmega1659d ago

Exactly. Resident Evil used to survival-horror, not it's more akin to an action-shooter with zombie-esque enemies.

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