Can "Flappy Bird" Provide Branding Issues for Nintendo?

If you've been anywhere near the Smartphone world in the past week, then you'll most likely have encountered a game taking the App Store by storm, Flappy Bird. This infuriating but addictive free-to-play smartphone title sees users controlling a small bird to navigate some pretty tight levels.

The game is certainly all well and good and at first sight it seems to be just another harmless bit of mobile fun. However, it's becoming pretty apparent that the title could provide Nintendo with some serious branding issues. Many of the sprites used within Flappy Bird are similar to the ones found within Mario titles, that many users could certainly face the idea that the game is infact branded or endorsed by Nintendo.

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Pozzle1624d ago

Flappy Bird does look a lot like the Cheep Cheeps from Mario.

nintendofeed1624d ago

I hadn't spotted that one myself, but you're quite right there. Just another one of the many similarities to Mario that the game represents.