Rocksmith 2014 gets System of a Down DLC

Hardcore Gamer: There’s just something about the sweet notes of a guitar that drive a middle-aged divorcee wild. Why else would she scream so loudly when she walked in to find me sitting on her sofa at 2AM with my 6-string companion? La pasión, as the Spanish would say. Thankfully, the folks at Ubisoft aren't content with having the greatest real-guitar game on the market. They also want the greatest, most diverse tracklist, and they've been doing a fine job with accomplishing that goal.

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ChaosKnight1657d ago

Awesome news, my friend who loves terrible music will be happy to hear this!

dp2774071657d ago

I love terrible music and also love this game awesome.

bohemian 231657d ago

System of a down is great! May I please have the privilege of hearing some bands that you enjoy?

Milruka1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

He probably likes Kawaii desu AKB48 crap.

The fact he has the main character from a bad series as his avatar is proof enough of that.