Sony Japan President wants to “Energize the Gaming Industry” with PS4; Wants You to be Excited

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia President Hiroshi Kawano attended the first episode of the PS4 Lab on Nico Nico, and he greeted the audience with a speech about the upcoming launch of the console in Japan.

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ZodTheRipper1484d ago

I would be excited if Yakuza came to the west.

abzdine1484d ago

now they just to show a new batch of games

Timesplitter141484d ago

I think this might be a conventional thing to say in japanese culture because it's not the first time I hear it. At the PS4 reveal, Shuhei Yoshida said "Please be excited... for the PS4!"

hellzsupernova1484d ago

I don't remember Shu saying it but I remember at the playstation 4 reveal square Enix coming out and saying please be excited for e3

Timesplitter141484d ago

ah yes you're right it was square enix

erathaol1484d ago

What does he mean by that? Sexy excited or Gleeful excited?


adorie1484d ago

Sexy Excited is something I can stand by.

cyguration1484d ago

Make sure your pants aren't too tight.

LinkOnABoat1484d ago

I'm not gonna be excited until after E3.

bobsmith1484d ago

needs games. driveclub pls!! or gta v

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The story is too old to be commented.