Four Developers Nintendo Should Partner With

Hardcore Gamer: With the much talked about recent struggles of Nintendo, they recently outlined some new strategies for their future. Among these new strategies, CEO Satoru Iwata stated that the company will be exploring partnerships with third party studios and licensing some of their franchises to be developed outside of Nintendo. We’ve already examined how this direction could be beneficial to Nintendo and their third party support for the Wii U, but what developers should Nintendo partner with? The following is a wish list of sorts, with four Nintendo franchises and the third party developers I feel would be best suited to making a game in those franchises.

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ChickeyCantor1483d ago

So we can have Mario: Nuts and Bolds? No thanks.

admiralvic1483d ago

We could always have Super Kinect Bros. One.

REDBEARD1483d ago

They are not developers.

ChaosKnight1483d ago

How about 343 Industries for Metroid in that case?

herbs1483d ago

343 studios has some ex Retro guys so that makes perfect sense but I'm sure you already new that ;)

REDBEARD1483d ago

Imagine if Microsoft left the console business and published games for Sony and Nintendo. A Metroid X Halo game would be possible and Banjo Kazooie could come back home.

Sadly, its never going to happen.

SpiralTear1483d ago

Atlus is a pretty smart fit for Pokemon, quite honestly. In a way, the Persona in Persona 3 were collectible creatures, kind of like Pokemon.

Summons751483d ago

I'm guessing you haven't played any game in the main Shin Megami Tensei series because that is as close to Atlus Pokemon as you can get. Persona is still under SMT but a spin off

SpiralTear1483d ago

The only SMT game I played outside of the Persona games was Devil Survivor 2 on DS, and that had similar "Pokemon-esque" gameplay mechanics as well.

herbs1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Loved the old Orgre Battle series from Atlus back in the day SNES and N64...

REDBEARD1483d ago

Persona X Pokemon, that would be the day. A Donkey Kong X Rayman would be awesome also.

WheatBread1483d ago

Atlus sure, but the others..


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The story is too old to be commented.