The Throwdown #70

Emilio Lopez, Michael Crawford, Brian Munjoma, Brett Murdock, Rachael Murdock, and Chris Sealy discuss what’s happened in the world of video games, pop culture and STFUandPLAY this past week.

-The Morning Gamer is Back!

-The PS3 deserves one more major update article by Riku

Featured Topics:

-Nintendo’s Plans for the Future


Gaming News:

-Microsoft to Cut Portion of Kinect GPU Usage to Improve Graphics Performance.

-LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII - Retro-spective Trailer Done in classic final fantasy graphics

-‘Loading Human’ Adventure Game for the Oculus Rift

-Big Xbox One Leaks

-Man Runs Into Burning House to Save His Xbox

Tech News:

-Artificial Skin

-Former FCC Commissioner Thinks It’s Time to go Nuclear on ISPs

-The World’s Fastest Supercar Might Soon be Electric

Pop Culture News:

-Sly Cooper Movie Trailer

-The New Movie Ninja Turtles Revealed

Listener Questions:

-Brett has a question!
What are your thoughts on the emerging survival genre and if you think its possible to be first to the punch and a copycat in today’s age of alphas and early release?


1. What’s your favorite TV show for 2013 and what show are you looking forward
to this year? ( mines are The Blacklist/ Game of throne)

2. How many games are in your backlog that you want to finish?

3. Do you think we will see a Jak and Daxter movie coming next , following up to
an Avenger like movie (jak, sly, ratchet, nariko and others)?


1.Will XBL ever allow F2P MMOs?

2.Do you think more developers will use the PS4 Interactive Streaming feature?

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