Weekend Gaming Hardware Sales: $320 4770K, $250 FX-9370, ROG Board, SSD

GamersNexus: "This weekend's hardware sales round-up focuses on CPU and motherboard sales, with Intel's mainstream flagship i7-4770K on sale alongside AMD's 220W FX-9370; motherboards were also located on sale, ensuring you'll be able to put these powerful CPUs to use immediately."

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ABizzel11603d ago

Average deals.

Microcenter had the i7-4770k for $250 + $30 off any motherboard about a month ago. Now that's a deal.

Software_Lover1603d ago

Agreed. Add to the fact that I'm not upgrading my pc until DDR4 and the new motherboards come out. I can play everything just fine right now.

johny51603d ago

I got away with a 4930k for $450.00 with free shipping from "Hot Electronic" some third party website that shipped it from best buy!

If anyone thinks they can find it cheaper let me know because as far as I know I got away with the best deal on a i7 Extreme processor.

Only problem is I had to wait a whole week for it to ship then three days to receive it!