SPINAL 104-Hit Ultra:Killer Instinct

New video surfaces from Maximilian Dood on Youtube.

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Sayai jin1630d ago

"He got knocked the &%$# out!"

On topic, awesome. I wish I could pull this off while online.

RaptgamersUnited1630d ago

Yeah I know, sometimes this games slows down a bit and some people have just to much playtime on me.

Sayai jin1630d ago

I never had a slow down of the game. I guess I am just not that good. LOL

NeoTribe1630d ago

Yeah, the fps drops constantly. Damn weak sauce hardware.

HappyWithOneBubble1630d ago

"How does a god damn lovecraftian skeleton with a Cthulu shield, and no organs whatsoever, manage to scream like a fucking T-Rex!?"

Comment made me laugh.

I'm not gonna lie Spinal is sick.

adorie1630d ago

He's always had the ability to scream. Maybe it's all that St. Elmos Fire he ingests. Lol.

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