The Highest Rated PlayStation Vita Game Is On Sale RIght Now, Just $20

GR - The highest rated game on PlayStation Vita is currently on sale with a $10 discount. Persona 4 Golden has already had its price slashed a few times, but Sony and Atlus are giving new PlayStation Vita owners another chance to score a discount.

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ftwrthtx1543d ago

Great price for a great title!

Yi-Long1543d ago

Great game, but because it's missing the original Japanese voices, I wouldn't even play it if it was free, TBH.

This really would have been a system-seller for me, IF it would have had the original Japanese voices. Same goes for Dragon's Crown.

dcj05241543d ago

Dafuq? You wont play a great game because the voice actors aren't speaking Japanese? I don't even. Wow just wow.

Brucis1543d ago

But the Dragon's Crown player characters do have dual audio?

c316471543d ago

Wow really? I mean i can understand where you are coming from i would prefer the Japanese voices too but, i bought it cause it was a great game also, they did do really good job on the voices when localized i thought the voices matched the characters personalities pretty well. IMO i think you should just give it a shot instead of missing out.

TheGamez1001543d ago

The eng voices are great, you kidding me?! I fell in love with Rise because of her loving voice, Laura Bailey FTW. The other voices were great if not perfect too and it fit them very well. I would replay this game countless times just to hear them all talking in the cutscenes throughout the story and SLs.

DCfan1543d ago

Thats dumb. P4G english VA is superb. Dragon's Crown characters have Dual audio, its just the narrator who's voice is in english (Though, there is a DLC for the JPN narrator)

InTheZoneAC1543d ago

I wouldn't even play a game if they spoke japanese all game...

Inception1543d ago

@Yi Long

This is why japanese devs/pubs hesitate to localize their games because gamer like you don't appreciate their effort.

But THX GOD that you only a minority in here. If people like you become a majority than i'm sure we will never see japanese devs/pubs localized their games in english anymore. Have a good day sir!

Yi-Long1543d ago

It's very simple: I want my entertainment/media in the original language. They should have included the OPTION for the Japanese voices. I'm not interested in dubs, no matter how good they might be.

I want my movies, my TV-shows, my cartoons, my anime, etc etc in the original language. Same thing goes for games.

Would you guys buy the new South Park game if they replaced all the regular voices with new ones? Hell, half of you guys are still upset about Dante's HAIR in DMC, or Snake getting a different english voice-actor in MGS5.

SoulSercher6201543d ago

Well that's the dumbest reason possible not to play a game.

Whxian1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

@SoulSercher620 and others

it's his choice and it's not really a dumb reason, some would play with or without dub, some prefer original va, and in some cases the game might bully you into wanting the original va, like with ni no kuni, but that already had dual audio.

not saying i personally wouldnt buy p4golden just cuz it's dubbed, i already got it at full price to support it, but people have preference, which is why dual audio would be the best choice when possible, maybe in the form of dlc

erathaol1543d ago

Am I the only one who thought Tear Away was the highest rated title?

Coined as the best gem on the Vita, as no one seems to know that it exists.

shammgod1543d ago

You possess everything I despise in humans

Outside_ofthe_Box1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )


***"Would you guys buy the new South Park game if they replaced all the regular voices with new ones? Hell, half of you guys are still upset about Dante's HAIR in DMC, or Snake getting a different english voice-actor in MGS5."***

Damn, I honestly can't argue against that. If my favorite cartoon/anime/movie/game used a different voice cast I'd probably would stop watching it because it just wouldn't be the same. Although I'd be a little more open-minded when it comes to video games for instance I'm still picking up MGSV.

I still don't get why the original Japanese voices are that important to you though. Do you even understand Japanese? Because if you did then I'd understand where you're coming from a little bit more. If you don't understand Japanese, most of your time would be spent toward reading the subtitles than actually listening to the voices anyway.

3-4-51543d ago

That is beyond picky....but whatever your into I can't hate.....just seems a bit much.

Swiftfox1543d ago

I can't speak for Yi-Long, but I can speak for myself.

I enjoy the original language and voices on all of the medium I enjoy. In the case of video games, it has to do with hearing the original audio as the original director had intended. You can hear all the characterizations, passions, and work of the original actors. When you dub a piece, you're hiring a 3rd party to intemperate the original work and imply the original contexts. No matter how clean the spoken translation there will always be an alteration due to lip-syncing, camera cuts, inflection, even cultural differences. Imagine if you wanted to buy an album but instead of the band they bring in 5 brand new people to re-record all the tracks including the vocals. It's the same music—but it's not the same as the original.

It's 2014. It's not unreasonable to expect bi-lingual options for the original voices—even if that option was a separate download.

If you want an example go listen to Seymour Guado from the Japanese version of Final Fantasy X HD and compare it to the NA release voice over. It's a great example in how the alteration of a voice can change the listener's perception of the character.

user55757081543d ago


ok buy the system. then import the japanese version which is REGIONNNNNNNNN FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE

and you'll get your japanese voices. Same goes for Dragon's Crown.

Yi-Long1543d ago

Thank you, Swift Fox. :)

Another good example would be Shenmue's English dub, which is often ridiculed because of Ryo's terrible voice-acting.

Also, the english version of Metroid Other M was often criticized because of the main character coming across as immature, petulant, etc, while in the Japanese version she seems more 'mature'.

Anyway, I know I won't convince anyone in a dub vs sub discussion, mostly because many don't WANT to be convinced... but just check out YT and watch some footage from Shenmue, Metroid OM, etc etc.... and just compare the Japanese versions with the western versions.

It DOES affect the overall quality of a game.

And SwiftFox made a very good argument when he gave the example of your favourite music suddenly being done by other singers: Even if those are very good or great singers, would you give up the original versions for them!?

DarkHeroZX1543d ago

Lol the original Japanese voices kinda sucked. I usual go with the english actors because.......well go check out Goku's Japanese voice actor. Prime example of why I like english voices.

akiraburn1543d ago

@Yi-Long, I want you to know that I tend to agree with the vast, vast majority of your opinions and thoughts, and I think you tend to be well spoken on most all of them, however I'd have to disagree with this. I definitely do agree that changing established voice actors is a no-go situation, and I'm in the camp that can't stand when this happens, however this isn't exactly the same scenario.

When a voice actor is changed, they're taking an already established character's voice, personality, and other traits, and removing the person that created it from that role. With localization, they aren't taking an actor away from their role, they are attempting to bring that same experience together in other languages, and in the case of games that don't have a near-simultaneous release in other regions, they'll oftentimes use the basis of the original language's acting and try to make it as faithful to that as possible. And no one is removed from their roles because none have yet been established in these other regions.

For this scenario, imagine if you were handed a game that plays like a JRPG, and all the voices were in English. If you weren't told ahead of time that it was made in a native English speaking land, would you dislike the game because you felt it should be in Japanese? The point being, that if you didn't know a game's origin country, it wouldn't otherwise effect your enjoyment. You could take the same approach to any games or even certain other media, because much of this gets the same treatment.

And please don't get me wrong, I do enjoy a lot of things in their original native languages, but I also enjoy a lot of content that gets dubbed into English, namely because I'm willing to give the voice actors a chance to convey an enjoyable experience. It doesn't always work, and that's when it is good to have the original or native version. But even regardless of that, you can't really make a blanket statement that every voice actor in other languages is great, right? So maybe we should focus less on the language and more on the actual performance.

In this case, I personally believe they chose a very solid and enjoyable voice cast and the majority of the work was done well. You might feel different, but if you don't give it an open-minded chance you're just denying yourself the potential to enjoy it because of a principle or ideal that may not need to exist.

Again, I don't have a problem with you at all. But with this strong opinion you have, I believe that dismissing a game entirely because they didn't include the Japanese dub, and to ignore all the hard work the English voice cast did without giving them a fair chance to impress you, well I think that's being intentionally more difficult than is fair. I'm not saying you're wrong, because it is all opinion, but to make blanket statements about all dubbing work and take a stance so strong as you have against this game means that ultimately you will miss out on a lot of good games and other media, regardless of the quality of work performed.

Regardless, apologies for the drawn-out post, and I'd like to have a real conversation about this and hear about your thoughts.

Yi-Long1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

@Akira: First of all, thanks for the kind words, and your well-formulated post.

I understand what you're trying to say, but obviously, I have a different POV on the matter.

First of all, I think we can all agree on the credo: 'vote with your wallet!'. This is true when a developer/publisher releases a buggy unfinished game, or when they release a game which is all about obnoxious DLC-milking, or whatever.

For me, it also means I'll vote with my wallet when a game (or movie, or book, etc) is censored, cut, butchered, whatever....

... and yes, also when it's missing the original music or the original voices.

Fact is, it's 2014. We've got games on BR. We've got downloads. There is NO excuse anymore to NOT offer us the option for the original voices. Maybe once it was a matter of storage-space and thus choices that had to be made. Not anymore! They can offer both tracks on the same disc, or choose to release to seperate versions so we can simply buy whichever version we want, or they can offer it through DLC/download, or whatever)

You mention I made a blanket-statement about dubs. I don't believe I did. I honestly don't CARE how good or even great a dub is. Some, I'm sure, ARE good. However, that's never been the point. The point is that it's not the ORIGINAL voice-track.

You are absolutely right when you say I'm ignoring the hard work of the english voice-actors. And the reason why is very simple. I honestly don't CARE about the english dub. If I would buy the game and it would be English dub only, I would just feel terrible all the way through, cause it would be a constant reminder about how I really just wanted to play the game with the original voices.

A good example would be Ninja Gaiden Sigma for PS3. I had played and loved the original Ninja Gaiden Black on Xbox. Fantastic game. A few months ago in Hong Kong I picked up the NG Sigma for PS3, which I was assured by the salesman would be 'uncensored'. So I came home, started playing the game I always loved, and halfway through the first or 2nd level, I noticed I couldn't decapitate my enemies. IT WAS CENSORED. Now, that doesn't mean the whole game is suddenly CRAP. It isn't. But what it did do was take all my joy from the game. Not because I'm a gore-hound or anything like that, but simply because it just annoys the hell out of me when they do stuff like this, like needless censorship or cutting content out, or whatever.

So playing a dubbed game that is missing the original voices, would constantly annoy me all the way through. And I'm not going to do that.

It's 2014 and there are no excuses anymore for the original voices missing. And I'm glad many games DO offer that option (Vanquish, Ni No Kuni, Valkyria Chronicles, Blue Dragon, Naruto UNS, etc etc.)

Like I said, I'll vote with my wallet, and so that means I will support those games that DO offer the original language as an option, and I try to stay away from those which replace it with a dub.

And yeah, obviously it's all just an opinion, and I'm seemingly in a minority here, mostly because many of you are already used to getting your entertainment dubbed. I'm from Holland, so even as a kid, I wanted to watch my TV-shows and cartoons in English (if that was the original language), as opposed to dubbed in Dutch.

They once aired The Simpsons here in Holland with a dutch dub. Does anyone here seriously want to imply that dubbing the Simpsons wouldn't take away any of the quality and charm of that show!? Cause I can guarantee you that it did. And luckily they quickly rectified that mistake and brought back the English version for us to enjoy.

MethCupcakes1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Dude, what the hell is your problem? From reading your replies to the nice people and everyone else who's tried to see from your perspective you've just been a comple douche, and from just reading your snooty replies is making me think you're quite the asshat IRL. I was going to reply and be respectful, but fudge that. I can understand everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but yours truly does suck.
Even though it's people like you are the minority, people you are the reason why us Westerners barely see and localizations of popular shows or games.

I only have 3 Bubs, and I'm not going to waste them on you.

akiraburn1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

@Yi-Long, thanks for the reply. And I can definitely see some of your points and where you're coming from, however I'd like to also offer some alternate perspective on some of those thoughts.

I definitely agree with the 'vote with your wallet' issue. I think this happens far too infrequently in the industry, but that's just my personal opinion. And I wholeheartedly agree that we should see more dual audio content, because it is important for a lot of folks to have the option. However, that being said, I'm afraid it isn't as simple as just having the physical capacity to store an entire second set of audio for a game. Although, even the space requirement is questionable itself, so I'd like to break down the technical side here.

Essentially, just one minute of uncompressed 5.1 PCM audio can end up running about 52 megabytes (7.1 audio is closer to 68 MB). This is relevant because many of the titles in this new generation of consoles will be aiming for uncompressed 5.1 or 7.1 audio, so hours of this stuff - be it dialogue, music, ambiences, sound effects, or anything else - actually can take up an incredible amount of space.

So knowing that, the problem then becomes "how do we fit a second entire set of dialogue and/or music for the fans that want dual-audio?" You're looking at Gigabytes of additional data in a game like an RPG, and trying to find a way to fit all that without compression is not an easy task.

Now obviously things are different for mobile platforms like the Vita, because uncompressed audio isn't a priority, however high-quality audio is still important. So speaking specifically on the case of Persona 4 Golden, with as dialogue heavy of a game as that is, even at a relatively heavy MP3 compression, you potentially could be looking at one to two GB or more just for an alternate audio source. I'm sure you're aware, the further you compress the more space you save, but the worse the audio gets, and I doubt anyone would go lower than an MP3 or similar format around 192 kbps in this day and age.

Now keeping this all in-mind, one thing you should know about the audio industry in games and movies, is that typically they don't even get a budget as big as the catering departments get. That's sadly not an exaggeration either.

So this ties into one other thing to consider. From quite a number of reports that have come out (and I'm sure you've read some of these), many Japanese voice actors/actresses seem to have their contracts written so that they're paid for each region that a game/anime releases in, meaning that the localization company has to make a choice.

In the case of new games coming over, they either have to pay out additional funds to use the Japanese voices or they can use those funds for an English voice cast. Not a lot of publishing companies have the funds for both or will risk the potential financial loss that having both would incur. For games that are being ported like P4G, they can oftentimes use the English voice cast over again without needing to pay more than small royalties based on units sold, and the out-of-pocket needed to pay new voice talent is minimal.

Now you also mentioned the potential for two releases. Well sadly that would make things even worse. That creates consumer confusion, adds a significant amount of cost for producing two different packages, and you'd have to pay retailers or digital for additional fees to stock it.

akiraburn1543d ago

So knowing all that, consider yourself in the position of a team leader on a project like Persona 4 Golden. You're limited by space available on both the game and the amount that will be acceptable as a download. Even if you have 8 gigs available, you have a tough balance to get everything just right, considering you want to update an older game's visuals/audio that already clocked in around 8GB. But in this case, they were limited to I believe just over 4GB.

So you've got graphic assets (not too taxing for this specific title, but still probably in the range of a couple GB of textures and models), sound assets (music, sound effects, ambiences, and of course the dialogue), and your pre-rendered videos (the animated scenes which can take hundreds of MB each). To me, it's a marvel that they managed to fit everything on there at all. But as a team leader, you have to make tactical decisions about your game and what to include, remove, and/or modify. Knowing that the JP voice cast is going to run you a decent amount of additional funding, space, coding work, and more, how do you justify it for a relatively small percentage of people that feel it is near-essential and may not buy your game if it isn't present?

That's the conundrum all localization companies face with this. Some games (like Yakuza) decided to forgo the English voice cast. I love all the Yakuza games, but sadly they just haven't become as popular as they deserve in other regions. And even forgoing the English voice cast there, they still can't manage to profit well enough for Sega to be happy and keep localizing them. So again, it's a delicate balance. If they don't work it out right, they could be stuck either not making a profit at all, or just not making enough profit to keep the series going.

The other thing that you mentioned is that you like things specifically saying that they use original voices. Well that's sort of one of the points I was trying to explain. I think that the term "original" is tough to apply unless it's very much defined. What I mean by that, is that if you have a game that's releasing in multiple countries simultaneously, and you have people from all over the world working on it, and there's multiple teams handling the voice cast, then what really counts as the original language, and why is it so important? Like Metal Gear Solid for example. That's a mix of Japanese and English developers. Do you think it's necessary to hear the original Japanese Snake over that of David Hayter? I'm not intending to be rhetorical or anything, just an honest question, because it is hard to define what the original is.

And as for your Ninja Gaiden or Simpsons experience, well I'd have to say that I think those are again different scenarios. With Ninja Gaiden, you were promised something that you didn't get. Now personally, I wouldn't let the censorship ruin the experience, but the fact that I was promised something that wasn't true would really irritate me and take away some of the enjoyment. But they didn't cut anything out of P4G, and a lot of games are faithfully transferred. And as for the Simpsons, I think that is again up to preference and not an easily definable situation. However, speaking hypothetically, if I was a Dutch-only speaking person, I'd imagine that watching the Simpsons with subs wouldn't actually be as enjoyable as watching a proper dubbed version if it's done by good voice actors who have similar tones and expressions as the original cast. The reason? Because the jokes would only be in text otherwise, so certain things get lost in translation or simply don't convey well as a result. That's just my take on things though.

akiraburn1543d ago

The only other thing I'd like to say on this whole point, is that I think you should keep in mind the one thing I mentioned in my prior post probably more important than any other. I think it is more important to be a fan of the voice acting in general, rather than the language it is performed in. While it might be "authentic" in its native tongue, that doesn't always equate to better. And you already know I'm not trying to convince you to watch stuff dubbed all the time, I'm just suggesting to give it a try every so often and you might be surprised.

I mean, I'm sure there are some things you've watched/played that haven't been in the audio that it originally was recorded in and you enjoyed it. Again, I hope you understand that I'm just trying to offer alternative points of view to consider with all this, and I do respect your opinion. And sorry again for the epicly long posts, but I think this is an important topic worth discussing. And I definitely appreciate your input bud.

CallDaCheeseBox1543d ago

Yi-Long, I don't understand why people are so upset over YOUR OPINION; it is your opinion and you are entitled to it. There is no argument to be made here. Hell, I can't STAND watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood in English because of Alphonse's different voice actor as compared to the original series. I know this situation is not the same, and it cannot be directly compared, but I can definitely see where you are coming from.

FamilyGuy1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Very surprising statement but I understand what you mean. Wanting to play a game or watch a movie or tv show the way it was meant to be experienced. With the voices, tones, folklore etc of the culture it came from.

I couldn't just not buy an amazing game for that reason but I do understand your reluctance towards it.

Space is limited for doubling the voice audio files in a game, Dragon's Crown had an answer for your problem though, it'd be nice if more games followed suit but hopefully free of charge.

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Eonjay1543d ago

Thanks for the heads up. Getting it now.
This is why I love good news and great deals!

ThatArtGuy1543d ago

You should try You'll never have money again. LOL

Brucis1543d ago

I literally just bought this yesterday ;_;

REDBEARD1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

I need to get this, NOW!!! Despite not having a ps vita.

How long will this deal last?

GentlemenRUs1543d ago

Oh, This game.

Why do people like this game?

AsunaYuukiTheFlash1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Because JRPG >>>>>>>WR PG

pwnsause_returns1543d ago

because its F***ing awesome????

idk...Maybe because of the countless amounts of hours that you can put into playing this game???? im 66 hours into the game right now, havent touched a vita game besides Persona 4 since I started...

its that awesome.

goldwyncq1543d ago

Because this and Persona 3 are some of the most unique RPGs ever. It's like you're actually playing through an anime.

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