Let's Play Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Adam from NoobFeed says - After completing my Halo 4 Let's Play I decided to replay another classic game that didn't get the recognition, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. Developed by Ninja Theory and set in post-apocalyptic America Enslaved has you in control of Monkey, a nomadic warrior who has been enslaved by a young girl named Trip. In exchange for his freedom Monkey must protect Trip as they journey to her settlement, if she dies the slave headband will deliver a lethal shock to Monkey and kill him.

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xJumpManx1657d ago

I really enjoyed Enslaved I agree it was a very neglected game by gamers. I beat it on the 360 and just picked it up on sale for PC/Steam in a bundle for 7.49 that also included Inversion. Had a nice $5 Editors Choice promotion so I got the bundle for 2.49.

NeoTribe1657d ago

Enslaved was a horrible game with some of the worst combat i have ever seen.

gillri1657d ago

well combat is very average but its a good game based on the story characters and settings, which are all great

Donjune1657d ago

Absolutely loved this game!