Why Nintendo Seems Determined to Fail

Nintendo is beset by obstacles. Its underpowered, overpriced devices are shoving away both the casual and hardcore players. Its management is sending mixed messages to the industry. And following a second holiday season of abysmal sales, a generation of young gamers is aging out of the market with no emotional attachment to Mario.

Nintendo's product strategy has painted the company into a corner. Both of its flagship platforms made a bet that consumers would find value in new gimmicks slapped on old devices. The Wii U boasts a controller that promised to bring to the living room the same kind of second-screen, touch-enabled experiences that made the original Nintendo DS transformative. Carrying that legacy forward, the 3DS rode the bandwagon that seized the industry early this decade.

But in trying to please everyone, Nintendo has succeeded in pleasing no one. The casual market doesn't understand why they should upgrade from their Wii, or even that it's a new product altogether. The hardcore market doesn't want to be stuck playing old games on the newest console.

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Yep1599d ago

Chrono is obsessed with posting "Doom" articles, even if they make no sense.

At any rate, you have to fail in order to know how to succeed. So I have no problem with Nintendo failing every now and then. It's why they are miles ahead of the competition as a gaming company.

finite1599d ago

Agree with you there ... both Microsoft and Nintendo don't have a clue... they both up shit creek without a paddle and with debts upto the eyeballs.. Nintendo... well they have no dept and even have a Plus bank balance

Yep1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Lol, your typo is getting you disagrees.

LinkOnABoat1599d ago

I think you are one of those Nintendo fans that blindly attack anyone who says anything slightly negative about Nintendo. I bet you have Mario posters on your wall and think Nintendo never made a mistake.

Yep1599d ago

Name your betting price. I could definitely use the money to buy a Subway sandwich or something.

Klad1599d ago

I think your mistaking Nintendo fans for Sony fans, because, that is exactly how they are too!

KonsoruMasuta1599d ago

He is right though. Chrono spends most of his life searching the internet for negative Nintendo articles.

Sad little troll who never comes from under his bridge.

LinkOnABoat1599d ago

I'd pay you to get that ugly ass mole removed from your forehead on your profile picture. lol

cellur1111599d ago

They are most definitely not miles ahead of the competition.

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BoneBone1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Chrono: the consoles and games he plays are so much fun, he feels the need to spend all his free time trying to bring Nintendo down, in order to leverage his poor taste and acknowledge his twisted bitter resentment.

RPG_Lover1599d ago

This article makes no sense. Nintendo is succeeding, they had an amazing 2013.

Yep1599d ago

Not so much. Their first half messed them up pretty badly.

They've got a lot of work to do before they start making a profit again, but 2014 is looking to be a promising year for them.

RPG_Lover1599d ago

Nintendo had the best 2013 of any game company in terms of these aspects
-Most hardware and software sold globally
-Most critically acclaimed games
-Top system sold globally

They just need to make profit through the VC, spread that out.

NihonjinChick1599d ago

"The hardcore market doesn't want to be stuck playing old games on the newest console"

Could have fooled me! People still play COD and other games that haven't evolved one bit since the first couple of entries.

GentlemenRUs1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Off-T: Why do people keep attacking the submitter on this site?

Anyway, I think Nintendo is starting to become the Atari due to there behind hardly any new IP's.

They need to stop relying on Mario and make something new!

RPG_Lover1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Nintendo had 5+ new ip in the last 3 years...... How can you expect people to take you seriously if you dont know that much?

GentlemenRUs1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

But they contained things from the olden days, That does not make it a new IP.

A new IP = Something fresh and something we have never seen before.

I never knew that, Show's how much I know lol.

REDBEARD1599d ago

Xenoblade, The Wonderful 101, and The Last Story are some new IPs. You should play them. They are fun. And I agree, Nintendo should lay low with the Mario games. I still have fun with them so I can't really complain.

REDBEARD1599d ago

Xenoblade is my personal favorite. The only thing that sucks is its graphics. I hope Nintendo makes an HD version of it on Wii U. Its a beautiful game, nonetheless. Its like a mix of Skyrim and a little bit like World of Warcraft. The amount of scale it has is incredible, and it makes me wonder how Monolith Soft made such a game on the Wii.

Metallox1599d ago

"Xenoblade is my personal favorite. The only thing that sucks is its graphics." Of course the suck, it's a Wii game. What did you expect? And also you got your HD release. It's called X and it will be released this year.

REDBEARD1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )


Xenoblade is my third favorite video game of all time. It doesn't mean i don't have criticisms for it. Everything about the game is solid. The game blew me away on every aspect. I am just saying the first Xenoblade in HD on Wii U would be awesome. Are you denying that? X is my most anticipated game this year. I was there when it was announced so don't post it as if i am an ignorant fool.

I expected Wii graphics and that doesn't bother me. I am not a graphics whore. I am not ignorant like you assume.

wonderfulmonkeyman1599d ago

ALL new games contain gameplay concepts from past entries in their respective genres, though.
You're NOT going to find a shooter that doesn't use something you're used to doing by now.
Nor will you find a Racer that doesn't rely upon solid basic gameplay elements that are old concepts which still work.

If that's how you're trying to define new IP's, then there's no such thing as a new IP outside of a new name/world/characters and a gameplay gimmick or two.

Old concepts mixed with new concepts are how some of the best old IP's keep sticking around, and how some of the better new IP's find some ground to stand on during development so that new ideas can be blended in.

Metallox1599d ago

This man is right. Many people don't really know what is a new IP.

Ol_G1598d ago

well this particular submitter seams to have made it his lifetask to post Nintendoom articles look up his submitted article history and you'll see what kind of troll he is

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