A three-step plan to save Nintendo

Nintendo is in a bad place. In case you missed the news this week, Nintendo's earnings are down, and the Wii U in particular is suffering from terrible sales.

Nintendo's answer? Well, that really isn't clear. Promises have been made to make more out of the GamePad on the Wii U and also to put Nintendo DS games on the Wii U. And, even, to enter the health entertainment market.

Can it all be fixed, or does Nintendo have to resort to mobile, an area that the company steadfastly insists will just be used for "marketing apps?" If Nintendo's serious about success, there's a path to success that hasn't been taken yet.

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AssassinTRIP1629d ago

One step plan: Hire someone with a marketing background.

wonderfulmonkeyman1629d ago

The reason Nintendo's older games cost more is because you actually get to download and own the games you get from the e shop, instead of renting them.
If they keep this model once their unified account system links games to said accounts instead of systems, it will immediately be more valuable than a net flicks like service.

NeoTribe1629d ago

You can buy games off ps network and xbox live also... not sure why you are comparing buying a game vs getting a game free from ps plus for being a member... i understand your trying to shine a good light on ninty in there hardest of times but atleast be honest.

wonderfulmonkeyman1628d ago

I WAS being honest.
Not a single thing I said there was dishonest; the freebie games you get off of PS+ each month are rentals, not games you've bought. They're only tied to your account as long as you have one and if you ever quit your account, poof; they're gone.
And if they're not available for purchase from the online store, you're screwed unless you sign up again.
With Nintendo, that's not a risk. It's bought and nothing else, and the price reflects that.

RPG_Lover1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Nintendo had the best 2013 of any game company in terms of these aspects
-Most hardware and software sold globally
-Most critically acclaimed games
-Top system sold globally

They just need to make profit through the VC, spread that out.

KonsoruMasuta1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Not really. Nintendo has money saved up in reserves from their previous successes and are far from the point of bankruptcy. Money that was saved up just for a situation like this.

There is a company that is near bankruptcy though...... and it's not Nintendo.

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The story is too old to be commented.