25 Years of Madden, the Video Game that Changed Football Forever

n 2004, my friends and I made a rule: when we played Madden, no one was allowed to be the Atlanta Falcons. With them, you were unstoppable, because quarterback Michael Vick was unstoppable. Thanks to a 95 speed rating and 97 acceleration, he was the best rusher in the league and a near-lock to score any time he sprinted to his left. And if the defense against all odds managed to contain him, he had a 98 throwing-power rating and would just heave the ball down-field from any of a dozen awkward body contortions. He was all but flawless, dominant, perfect: he'd probably have been the league’s best defender, kick returner, and punter if he’d tried. In short: he broke Madden.

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MazzingerZ1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

TECMO Super Bowl on the NES it's my all-time favourite. Legendary players (already when active) by that time as well.

Mr Pumblechook1447d ago

What bearing has Madden had on Football? FIFA would say none.

Omega Archetype1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Don't you mean "the video game that simply refuses to change?"

Akuma2K1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Madden is mere shell of its former self, doesn't have the wow factor that makes you want to buy the game anymore due to becoming stale and stagnant from EA not making any innovations since getting the nfl license over 9yrs ago.....but it doesn't matter because 2K football is coming back, look for an announcement after the superbowl tonight.

NYC_Gamer1447d ago

I'm a huge NFL fan but i won't spend 60 bucks on a mediocre franchise like Madden..I'll make sure to buy two copies of NFL 2K[PS4/X1] once it comes back..

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btmgov1447d ago

Even in his prime, Vick was only about 80% of the player that Madden 2004 portrayed him to be.

jmc88881447d ago

The game that changed football forever, that's been the same since 1998.

I used to be a huge madden fan, back in the Madden 92 days. You could get big jumps just about every year or two.

Genesis, Snes, Saturn, N64, PC...they just kept getting better and better, until about '98 or so. Then it started slowing down. At one point they sabotaged their PC version to put out a slightly better version on PS2, even though PC's had a ton more power...something about the reflections on the helmets, and then of course those cards.

It was slowing down long before the 'exclusive' deal and since then it's they just add a gimmick per year. After the '04 version I simply gave up buying them every year.

Bought Madden 360, and it was crap.

Did buy Madden '10, but only because my team went to the superbowl and I bought it used.

So I decided to try the PS4 version this time. Still the same old game. Cartoony graphics but in 1080p. The people look more familiar. But still look pretty bad. Like others have said, look at NBA 2k14 and compare the graphics with Madden 25 and you see how this game graphically, even at 1080p, looks like a generation or generation and a half behind.

But hey, this was the first 1080p Madden since Madden '08 launched in 2007. That's sad. They sad on their laurel for almost a decade, and in some ways up to 15 years not pushing anything forward but the most basic upgrades and gimmicks.

They didn't do a good 'next-gen' game, because they've been content with BARELY doing LAST-GEN. Even on the 360/PS3 these games looked far crappier then they should have.

Everything is so stale, and the worst thing is, in order to make the game better, they nerfed the crap that worked and was fun. Remember when they nerfed throwing deep? Well screw that. That made the game worse, not better.

I don't know when they made the boost useless, but this version of Madden barely does crap. The stiff arm is almost useless. They said the physics would be used in the game, but if you make a 7' 400 lb guy with top attributes, a little safety will put him on his butt like nothing. It's sad. What good is a physics system if it doesn't let the big players crunch the smaller ones? Madden 64 had it like this. You built big guys they slammed and broke the smaller people. No seriously. You could make some max big guys and they would injure the defense on half the runs. By the end of the game they ran out of players and actually started putting in the guys you injured earlier. Sad that a game on Nintendo 64 tech from like 16 or so years ago had better physics, even if there are some cool animations supposedly relating to physics in this version. The physics for lack of a better way to express it, seem like just a facade. Something on the surface that can call some flipping or sliding to the side animations, but lack the substance behind them, like when a highly rated big guy, gets smashed down by a poorly rated safety less then half their size.

Madden 25 isn't all that bad. I've had fun, and it IS the biggest jump in about a decade, but it should have been so much more. I don't regret my purchase, since it's been so many years since I bought one, the jump along with a new console, is big enough to justify a purchase. But it could of been so much more.

So as much as it changed football, it needs a reboot, drastically.

jmc88881447d ago

Also put some of the fun whacky stuff back. Like on the SNES you could play as Jaguars and Panthers BEFORE they were a team...and they were the best teams in the game lol.

Or bring back those cheat stuff they had for a few years...omg...20 yard first downs. Floating heads. Electric sidelines. All sorts of stuff. They used to do that sort of stuff AND make the game better by a large margin.

Oh and EA, make another Mutant League football, or throw it in the a CoD Zombies mode.

Put the FUN back in the game.